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Bad grades along with stress in school because of behavior problems or problems getting school work done can lead to a future that is not as brilliant as the one the child started off towards.

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How much of this air pollution can be averted by use of nuclear power? None of the pollutants discussed above are released by nuclear reactors. Coal burning, which now generates most of our electricity, is by far the most polluting process. According to EPA estimates,5 fossil fuel burning in electric power plants produces 64% of all U.S. releases of sulfur dioxide, 27% of the particulates, and 31% of the nitrogen oxides, but less than 1% of the carbon monoxide or hydrocarbons. It is therefore reasonable to estimate that this is causing 30,000 of the 100,000 deaths per year caused by air pollution. Industrial fuel combustion, which is being rapidly replaced by electricity, produces 12% of the sulfur dioxide, 10% of the particulates, 22% of the nitrogen oxides, and 5% of the volatile organic compounds. Averting these emissions would make a very substantial contribution to the solution of our air pollution problems. If electric cars were to be successful and more electrically powered buses and railroads were used, further great gains would be achieved since transportation is responsible for 84% of the carbon monoxide, 41% of the volatile organic compounds, and 40% of the nitrogen oxides.


The initial denial of the Japanese authorities caused a problem of assessing the true significance of the Fukushima incident.

are often contained in carpets, but also in laser and inkjet printers. They are . Varied symptoms like irritation of eyes, nose or throat, breathing problems, headaches, loss of coordination, damage to the liver, kidneys and the brain have been reported after exposure to volatile organic compounds. Long-term exposure can even cause cancer in animals and has been suspected to cause cancer in humans as well.

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The U.S. Department of Energy's Office of Health and Environmental Research sponsored a multiyear study by a Harvard University research group to evaluate all of the available studies. Its conclusion was that air pollution is probably causing about 100,000 deaths per year in the United States.11 These deaths are principally from heart and lung disease. In addition it is estimated that air pollution causes about 1,000 cancer deaths per year.6

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In this blog I will briefly review the history of several radiation disasters in various parts of the world and will mention how coping mechanisms with radiation were fortuitously developed. Finally, I will summarize what you can do to reduce any damage to your health that is caused by radiation leaks.

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Acid rain from U.S. sources is a top priority political issue in Canada. In any meetings between leaders of the two countries, the Canadians insist that it be high on the agenda. They insist on U.S. action to reduce sulfur dioxide emissions, and because of the high value we place on Canadian friendship, they will probably get it. In 1989, the Bush Administration introduced new clean air legislation that requires cutting sulfur dioxide emissions in half by the end of the century. It is estimated that this will increase the cost of electricity from coal burning by about 20%. This still does not face the problem of nitrogen oxides, for which there is no very effective control technology.