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Vampire (active) To start, everyone closes their eyes ( vampiresroam only at night) and begins to mill around. You can trust thereferee to keep you from colliding with anything but warm living flesh. However, you can't trust them to protect you from the consequences, forhe is going to surreptitiously notify one of you that you are the vampire. Like everyone else, the vampire keeps their eyes closed, but when theybump into someone else, there's a difference. She snatches him andlets out a blood- curdling scream. He, no doubt, does the same. If you are a victim of the vampire you are a victim of the vampire, youbecome a vampire as well. When two vampires feast on each other,they transform themselves back into mortals.

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Hit the Bat (no gloves required) This is played in the street (quiet and a not sobusy street) and requires having some what of a hill, not much though. One person is picked to be up (the hitter), stands at the bottom of thehill. The others stand scattered towards the hill. The personthat is up, hits a tennis ball (can be a grounder or fly ball) somewheretowards the top the hill. Whoever gets to the ball has a chance torun as close as they can to the hitter, the way the hitter controls howclose that person gets, is by putting the bat down whenever they choose. The person who has the ball then rolls it towards the bat. The ballususally bounces up when hits the bat. The hitter must catch theball after it hits the bat in order to remain the hitter, if not, the "catcher"now becomes the hitter. This is usually best played with at least5 or more people.

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1st Jan 2018 Happy New Year to you all. I hope it brings you everything that you personally want out of your fishing, which is different for us all. Rich Wollam landed the last fish of 2017, a fish known as Tubs down in weight at 21.09, and his 3rd in as may nights, so well done to him on an epic finish to what had ben a gruelling year for him. The syndicate Started today, and so far we have had two fish lost from the Snags swim, so the race is still on to be the first angler to catch a Blakemere Syndicate carp. I'm looking forward to seehow the year unfolds with the new changes. Fingers crossed they will all be positive. Time will tell.

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3rd July There have been more fish moving, especially in front of the Moat where Craig Ridge has managed 3 fish of 16, 16 and 22lb. Rich Mack was doubled up with Craig and had a tench and lost one fish near to the island last night. All fish coming out between 10pm and 5am currently. Craig fished with a mix of B5 and B5 salami. There was also reports that a fish had been lost from the Boathoue swim last night too. Recently, I got asked if I could make it a bit clearer how difficult it is on Blakemere, by putting how many people blank. Whilst I can't possibly do that all the time this weekend since Friday, we have had 10 anglers on and 3 fish caught by 1 angler and 2 lost to just 2 other anglers, so 9 blanked. Thats pretty typical on here at this time of year. I am only being honest for those who turn up 'excpecting' to catch. Even with all todays 'wonder' baits, it still depends on the weather, and how the fish are feeling, more than anything else. The fishing definitely improves from September onwards and long into December which has been an excellent month over the last 3 years.

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20th July No more action over the weekend into Monday, and yesterday the lake was empty, so I took the liberty of spending the day cutting back the new young pads that have started to grow up in the middle of the swims. Thats all done now so all swims are pads free. I also cleared back some of the lillys to the right hand side of the pads swim just to help get fish back in more easily from that area. The water has coloured back up again, after having gone quite clear. I'm not sure if its because we are having another algal bloom, or if its because I put the aerators back on for a couple of days in this intense heat. It's the most worrying time of the year from a fishery management point of view. Water temps are very high, into the 20's which means low oxygen, especialy early morning, and algal blooms and thunder storms can mean oxygen crashes are more frequent. I also heard that another fishery in the west midlands has had a bout of KHV which means they will be shutting, and also a report that a local fishery may have Top mouth gudgeon. For most of you who haven't heard of these little things, they are the worst Non-Native species we have. They breed every month, and the only way to eradicate them it to net out your big fish, then pour a chemical into the lake which kills absolutely 100% of ALL living organisms, so pretty drastic as you can imagine. By September, there will be new unhooking mats, nets, and weigh slings in all swims so you wont need to bring your own. I know some of you want to use your own, but I simply can't justify risking 10 years of hard work for someone to use their own net, especially now with the stamp of fish we have. The net dips etc simply don't work effectively enough for my liking. Anyway, we'll see what you all think, and it will be a bit less gear for you all to carry. If you do catch a fish in the next few months, please keep it out of the water for the absolute min of time, and have all your cameras ready, and plenty of water to pour onto the fish, thakk you.