Review of Stoessinger's <i>Why Nations go to War</i>

"Laughing and howling, hoo-ha-ing and cowboy and good-old-boy yelling, our men exultantly shot into the crater until every single man down there was dead. A few tried to scale the sides, but there was no escape. If a body twitched or moved at all, it was shot again. The result was deep satisfaction, and the event was transformed into amusing narrative, told and retold over campfires all that winter. If it made you sick, you were not supposed to indicate. I was beginning to understand what a marine sergeant told Philip Caputo during the Vietnam War: 'Before you leave here, Sir, you're going to find out that one of the most brutal things in the world is your .'"

Joseph Stoessinger explains eight cases in which why nations do go to war

The Red Cross's timid silence and acquiescence is another dark chapter of the Jewish Holocaust. The aspect of Bard's book which further eradicates Rubinstein's "open doors" thesis is recording how the USA prevented from coming back from Europe. In 1939, about 80,000 Americans were living abroad, with tens of thousands in Europe. On November 25, 1939, only a few months into World War II, the assistant Secretary of State, George Messersmith, wrote that Americans living abroad who were not planning on returning could not expect any help from the USA's government if they became ensnared in war zones. Messersmith wrote:

Review of Stoessinger's Why Nations go to War;

Students should be divided into small groups of three to four students to brainstorm as many rules as they can in each category.

When he got all the information that he could, Butler went straight to the House Un-American Activities Committee ("HUAC") in 1934 and told them all he knew. As with ," the HUAC was decidedly timid in pursuing those allegations. They refused to subpoena the names that Butler had given them except for MacGuire, who predictably denied everything. The other names given by Butler to the HUAC were former-presidential contenders John Davis and Al Smith (who was a attorney), and Grayson Murphy, who was a co-founder of the American Legion, a board member of organizations such as Morgan Bank, Goodyear, and Bethlehem Steel, and MacGuire's boss. The committee, which went to great lengths to ferret out commies, lost their zeal when confronted with those rich and powerful names and largely swept the affair under the carpet. However, Butler went public. Nevertheless, without official corroboration, no other investigations were launched, nor did anybody in government appear too concerned. The establishment and media went out of its way to either ignore or slam Butler, and magazine openly ridiculed him. The rich conspirator that Butler met threatened to sue Butler for libel, but Butler's stance on Mussolini showed how easily intimidated he was. The conspirator never sued, and Butler never backed down.

A formal agreement between two or more nations or powers ..

Right-wing activists often specialize in conspiracy theories, sometimes concocting them with the flimsiest evidence. On one hand, they theorize about vast , even though there exists virtually no documentary evidence or witnesses. The international banking conspiracy to a degree, but there is hardly any overt evidence of it. The problem with is that they conspiracy theories. Conspiracies, by their very nature, do not leave paper trails, and they are generally uncovered by circumstantial evidence, which is a shaky way to determine anything. Weighing conspiratorial evidence is one of the most difficult investigations to perform, because there is little open evidence and numerous ways to interpret it. Few conspiracy theories are likely true, but many are quite plausible. Conspiracy theorists are often ridiculed and derided. Their theories are often assailed and debunked, many times for good reason, but also for poor reasons. In my experience, those who debunk conspiracy theories are usually defending the establishment.

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Nevertheless, when the word got out, it was acted on by very few people and met a general wall of apathy, as there was a war to fight. Jews were not alone in their secret suffering. The millions of Russian POWs who died in German captivity also generally died out of sight of the Western media. After all, they were the hated communists. Romani died unmourned, as did Slavs of Eastern Europe. Germany kept it quiet, and the Western press did not dig too far, aided by Western diplomats actively keeping it quiet. Even so, the Nazi Holocaust is one of the better-documented conspiracies of all time. Not only were numerous documents captured to plot the trajectory and execution of the Final Solution, but thousands of survivors testified about the concentration and death camps, including American soldiers. Also, many who were involved in one way or another in the Final Solution testified, and far more than just Nazis who were tried in war crimes trials. Spectacular physical evidence of the Nazi Holocaust survived, such as the camps themselves, piles of clothing, hair, and teeth taken from the victims, and mountains of emaciated corpses. The Nazi Holocaust is perhaps the most undeniable conspiracy to be found.

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One pertinent aspect of Holocaust denial scholarship casts a harsh light on the far right. By definition, the Final Solution was a conspiracy. It is about the biggest conspiracy of all time. The Nazis killed several million people in secret, but not all that secret. Plenty of word got out about it, but few believed it and few really cared that much. One reason it was not believed at first was because the British lied so badly about Germany in World War I, as they manufactured atrocities out of the thin air. The stories were treated by many as the tale of the boy who cried wolf too many times, which was one more way that the UK contributed to the Jewish Holocaust.