Helens and the other Cascade volcanoes are____________.

They found cold weather, ice and snow, a plenty of volcanic rocks, and of course the "goodliest prospect." They started with instruments for measuring the height, but were obliged to leave them before mounting the highest peak.

In studying the volcanoes maybe we can predict the next eruptions and therefore save many lives.

-- Lassen volcano, California, spent most of its energy in its violent eruptions of last May, according to reports received by the Forest Service, and it is believed that there is little likelihood of further destructive outbreaks.

Volcanoes have been found, studied, and erupting forever.

Volcanoes are a well-known piece of nature, but have you ever been in a volcanic eruption before.

In this neighborhood the Cascades merge into a broad, irregular platform surmounted by volcanic cones, which vary in size and are distributed without regularilty, says Detroit News.

The Cascade Mountain range of North ..

Wood, with a party of gentlemen, lately ascended Mount Hood, in Oregon, and reports the fact that Mount Hood is really a volcano, and that it is the highest mountain in the United States, being 17,500 feet.

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Yesterday morning the sky was clear, with a slight haze and a few light, fleecy clouds hanging above the Cascade range at intervals, but the whole base and summit of Mount Hood were clear of them, while the unmistakable wreath of sulphur smoke hung just below the very summit, remaining there for over two hours, contorted by the movement of the winds.

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-- Within the past month, smoke has been seen to issue from a mountain, whose top is barely above the snow line, in the Cascade range of mountains, between one and two hundred miles southerly, along the range from Mt.

Volcanoes of the Pacific Northwest consist of the Cascade Mountains.

That there was no repetition of the phenomenon yesterday is a circumstance favorable to the theory that it was external, for if it had been a genuine volcanic discharge it is much more than likely that the period of activity would have extended over more than a few hours.

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Indonesia is made up of countless islands that are sprinkled with many active and dormant volcanoes that are included in the Ring of Fire, therefore the potential for geothermal power production there is extremely high.....