Kis Kaha 2016 Celndars and Christmas Cards on sale too!

Soul-winners worldwide know that CHICK TRACTS GET READ! The cartoons grab the reader's attention and present the Gospel. Over 100 different titles are available and each one has its own gripping story, ending in an invitation to receive Christ. Chick tracts can help you reach more people!

Enjoy a variety of Christian cartoons and family cartoons, updated daily and weekly.

New toon every Monday.
- The Christian Cartoons with the Joyful Message - by Mike Waters.
- Christian based weekly cartoon by artist Dan Lietha.
- Chronicles the history of the struggle between good and evil, a battle fought in human hearts, between nations, and among the stars.
- living between the Sundays!

CHRIS CHRISTIE: The 7 Most Eye-Catching Cartoons - …

By artist Tim Walburg.  - a series of Christian comics and cartoons based on stories from the Bible, that are both funny and uplifting.

How does he ‘A Christmas Carol’ a story which “No one could help but enjoy” In this essay I am going to be writing about the different techniques in which Dickens uses, and by using these bring people, place and time to life.

Holy Thursday / Last Supper Craft - Catholic Icing

- Monthly Christian cartoon by artist Norman Dale Bridges.

- from the Dry Bones Blog, published every Monday, Thursday and Friday.
- Brother Blotz and PulpiTEARS cartoons by Doug Dillard, former award-winning editorial cartoonist for The Baptist Standard.