Person-centered therapy: Goals & techniques.

Websites: Matt Ryan has collected some useful material around client centred therapy – and includes some links to pages concerning Carl Rogers. The focus, though, is on counselling rather than his educational work. . See, also . There also some links from .

Carl Rogers, core conditions and education

Rogers is remembered for the development of his non-directive approach to therapy known as client-centered therapy. This technique gives the client control over the process and in which the therapist is non-judgmental, genuine, and empathetic. for the client is essential for effective treatment.

What are Carl Rogers' core conditions? - Quora

Thorne argues that it is not too simplistic to, ‘affirm that the whole conceptual framework of Carl Rogers rests on his profound experience that human beings become increasingly trustworthy once they feel at a deep level that their subjective experience is both respected and progressively understood’ (1992: 26). We can see this belief at work in his best known contribution – the ‘core conditions’ for facilitative (counselling and educational) practice – congruence (realness), acceptance and empathy).