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The source for happiness is just lying within us. Real and genuine happiness can only be ours, whatever the circumstance we might be in right now, by looking inside us.

As we do so, we can finally tell ourselves that happiness is just within our reach.

One would expect a class on happiness to be fairly popular among high school students. In one way or other, every Catholic high school offers just this type of class—only we call it theology. St. Thomas Aquinas held that happiness is one of the foundational characteristics of the mind’s assent to God, and in this light theology is a discipline in which we seek not only to understand but ultimately to attain happiness.

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BU: How can we find happiness, or even just stay motivated, when we’re dealing with a major stressor in our personal life?

Emotions are always with us. You might feel happiness when you laugh with a close friend or fear when you approach a growling dog. But there’s more to emotions than just the subjective experience of them. You can also learn how to understand your emotions. In recent years, scientists have increased our knowledge about the nature of emotions—about how different emotions came into existence, how emotions guide our behavior, and how different emotions impact our bodies and minds. Learning to understand your emotions is a fascinating endeavour that can help enhance your control over both your feelings and actions.

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BU: What role does distraction play in happiness, and how do we manage distractions in our increasingly-connected world. (What if I have to be on email all day?)

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In this post, I am going to cover: why true comes from within, give some suggestions on how we can create our daily happiness, what I do to be happy and also mention some quotes from famous and successful people about “Happiness comes from within”.

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Unfortunately, there was always something that it wasn’t as I wanted and that was preventing me from being happy. Even if I was working hard to try to achieve what I wanted the moments of happiness were not really frequent as I would have liked and as you can imagine some times I felt really frustrated and down, I was living in a sufferance way, just waiting for one day to be happy.

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BU: Is there a relationship between the rise of stress and unhappiness at work and certain elements of the modern world? How can we control the world around us, or can we?

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While many people try to look for happiness through their wealth, career, money and success, we have to understand that happiness is something that we choose for ourselves. and not a destination but a way to live our life.