50 signed copies.) when Ernest Hemingway and F.

They did this without actually knowing what they were committing themselves and their church to, and Emmett and the others made a point of not telling them more of their plans than they thought was wise.

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The brothers seek sage advise from a Visitor-Q-esque neighbour who instructs them on how to play baseball or have anal sex, they attempt to fulfilltheir dreams, collect rent from an aggressive tenant who threatens to poison the water, and seduce girls by pretending to be disabled.

Scott Fitzgerald move into Brautigan's apartment at 314 Union Street.

The phone rang.—That must be yours, the tall blond man said,—mine was disconnected yesterday.
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The plot involves a woman burned as a witchwith a hole in her chest, a cult trying to bring her back to life with hearts of virgins, a vampire, a staring, giggling hunchback,a castle party with eccentric guests, and many other incoherent pieces put together with choppy editing, lots of nudity, histrionic acting,trippy colors, costumes and low-budget set designs, and a plot that jumps from one strangely out-of-place scene to anotherwithout a care for continuity issues such as night and day and consistent clothing.

And it was Don who edited the major poetry-world shaker, , in 1960.

The scores of scenes range from completely banal (someone eating or walking, a business interview), to surreal (man is choked to deathand dragged in front of a break-dancer, or weird dirty naked men appear in a subway while everyone is asleep), to dramatic (man screams in the street about hisruined life, woman tries to divorce her dead husband), to absurd superstitions and various religious rites, to sleazy (encounters with both male and femaleprostitutes).

He published Brautigan's major poetry collection, , in 1968.

It's as if someone went to a movie archive, chose 150 movies at random, sliced out random scenes from each,and then spliced all of these pieces together.

Brautigan dedicated his novel to poet , poet , and Allen.

There'sa suicide that may or may not be real, tarot cards, a bath and a river that get ambiguous surreal meanings, and lots of sex scenes filmed in eye-meltingpsychedelia, superimpositions and various color filters.

1970) and Dale Herd's (Bolinas, 1972).

There's this guy who dreamsof being chased and 'raped' by women, and his real life isn't too far from his dreams as he is taken to a weekend getaway by two nurses who lust after him.

His style was always a dear and abiding pleasure.

This tells the tale of two over-confident girls that get raped, humiliated, mutilated and killed by a gangof disturbed criminals and the girl's parents who take their bloody revenge on them.