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Always plan ahead. No matter what design or remodeling project you plan on completing, it’s always best to plan ahead. Decorators and contractors are busy. While they may be able to move their schedules around, the rearranging does not come without a price. The sooner you need work done, the more it’s going to cost.

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Laura received her Master of Architecture degree from The University of Detroit Mercy in 2012. During her time at Detroit Mercy, she was involved in many community-centered projects within the city of Detroit and grew her appreciation and understanding of historic and vernacular architecture through a study abroad program in Volterra, Italy. Laura is working toward becoming a licensed architect and is excited to be back working in Detroit and growing her career through new and challenging projects at Kraemer Design Group.

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Unlike a designer, a decorator requires no formal education or certification. Therefore, they should always cost less than interior designers.

She enjoys being part of collaborative design teams and working closely with clients and consultants. Taking a project from concept through construction and being involved in several phases of project is one of her favorite benefits from working at KDG. She never anticipated pursuing historic renovation in college, but she is now eager to continue working on historic projects and learning from the unique challenges they offer. She loves the energy that working in Downtown Detroit provides and believes that her “work hard, play hard” mindset is what makes KDG such a great work environment for her. Currently, she is in the process of becoming a registered architect and increasing her involvement in professional organizations.

The cost of hiring an interior designer: Is it worth it?

In terms of working with homeowners, designers know building codes, construction requirements and architectural best practices to ensure you have a beautiful and functional home. All this expertise makes interior designers more expensive then interior decorators.

Interior designers need to be creative AND have a technical skill set

Expertise comes with a price. Rookie interior designers may charge as little as $50 an hour, but experienced pros can charge up to $200 an hour. Since most interior design or decorating projects take at least 10 hours to complete, that price difference per hour really adds up.

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Now that you know what goes into becoming an interior designer, why should you hire them? Besides being trained experts in design, they have also have studied the equivalent of interior architecture. In addition to selecting fabrics, colors, furniture, flooring and window treatments, they’re experienced in drafting and drawing and offer services such as space planning, barrier-free design, kitchen and bath design, custom cabinets, furniture design, furniture plans and lighting plans. Clearly, they know all there is to know about interior design.

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Besides the chosen cost structure, there are other factors that can increase or decrease the cost of an interior designer. You can only control a few of these, but knowing all price factors will ensure you for the lowest possible cost:

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Besides their vast education, many interior designers are members of a professional society, such as the American Society of Interior Designers (more of the associations later). Finally, in some states, licensed or certified interior designers are allowed to obtain building permits.