You can still use it even if cancer has spread to the brain.

When this chakra is imbalanced, this manifests physically as depression, or as chronic exhaustion that is not linked to physical disorders.

Emotionally, we are unable to let go of anxiety and fear and there is a lack of trust in God or life.

When Reiki is performed, this chakra becomes unblocked and allows us to be in more touch with Divine guidance, and have more trust in life.

Working with a qualified Reiki practitioner can help you bring balance and harmony back to your chakras.

And that statistic comes right out of the Journal of the American Medical Association (Vol.

Angela Lanfranchi, a breast surgical oncologist and cofounder of the Breast Cancer Prevention Institute, calls the contraceptive pill a "Molotov cocktail" for breast cancer!

Additionally, there are hundreds of environmental toxins that are known to cause breast cancer like heavy metals to toxic chemicals and pollutants, to numerous chemicals added to the food we eat or the water we drink, to even the containers the food and drink comes in.

I am also drinking the good tasting cannabis juice, with no effect.

And they found that apigenin acted against progestin-related/dependent breast cancers.

Klausner promised, the National Cancer Institute, probably swept up in the national and international explosion of hope and enthusiasm, “fast tracked” a preliminary study of endostatin in human patients, intending to enroll, as I recall, 70 subjects very quickly.

But what surprised me – and what began to concern others I knew in the medical community – was some time later the deafening silence about the trial’s outcome, and what seemed to be a blackout about the actual data.

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Most scientists will not look at it carefully because "papa is telling you something and you don't question him".
Li-Chuan Chen, PhD, National Cancer Institute scientist 1991 - 1997, commenting on the NCI's publishing scientifically invalid Antineoplastons trials in the peer-reviewed medical literature "Mayo Clinic Proceedings" in February 1999 showing that the patients unsuccessfully treated with Antineoplastons had actually received severely diluted (up to close to 170 times lower than necessary) Antineoplaston concentrations and were thus left to die.

Dr Linus Pauling, often known as the 'Father of Vitamin C' and twice awarded the Nobel Prize, declared that large intakes of up to 10g of the vitamin each day aids anti-cancer activity within the body.

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If you're one of the few cancer patients who's refused standard treatment from the get-go - good, but your immune system still needs all the help you can give it.
A 1992 study in Journal of the American Medical Association of 223 patients concluded that no treatment at all for prostate cancer actually was better than any standard chemotherapy, radiation or surgical procedure.

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The ineffectiveness of chemotherapy and its unacceptable degree of toxicity.
Famed German biostatistician Ulrich Abel, PhD, also found in a similar 1989 study that "the personal views of many oncologists seem to be in striking contrast to communications intended for the public."
"Chemotherapy Report?

It is estimated that roughly 40% of cancer patients actually die of malnutrition rather than their disease itself [for background see Advice what to do when the digestive tract has been damaged by chemotherapy].

If your friend touches chemotherapy, he's a goner.
Chemotherapy expert Ernst Wynder, former professor at Sloan-Kettering Hospital and recipient of a medal from the American Cancer Association, in a warning to a friend of professor Gearin-Tosh who healed himself of one of the most lethal cancers known using natural means.

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Most cancers are not found until autopsy.