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The ceremonial start in Anchorage has begun the festivities for the 46th Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race, with an 11-mile parade, exciting fans gathered in the cold but normally cold temperatures.

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Furthering that notion, a uniform language for the newly-merged companies must be established. “If your company is anything like mine, acronyms are very, very commonplace and, within your company, everyone understands those acronyms,” says Klassen. “But, between companies, not everyone will understand every acronym. Because of this, it is important to establish and learn a common language early in integration.” This includes not only acronyms, but all variations of terms that could occur between companies.

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Archaeologists say that they have found evidence of humans' having a pet dog 14,000 years ago. A new study of the century-old Oberkassel remains has convinced researchers that the man and the woman buried in the grave cared for the dog buried in the grave, in a way that modern humans would find familiar.

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Adding to the difficulty of that task are mergers and acquisitions of new food manufacturing and processing companies. How can two different cultures, in two different geographic locations, under one company, be harmonized? What happens to the best practices each company has grown accustom to? How can you be sure that your company’s growth doesn’t weaken its strong and established food safety standards? At , Paula Klassen, senior director of food safety and quality assurance at TreeHouse Foods, addressed these, and many other issues, on merging food safety cultures and shared some of her experiences on the matter.

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New investigations of 5,000-year-old mummies have revealed the world's oldest figurative tattoos. The mummies, one male and female, were found about a hundred years ago in Gebelein, in what is now Upper Egypt, south of Luxor. Radiocarbon dating on the bones put them living between 3351 B.C. and 3017 B.C. Researchers at the British Museum, where the mummies have been, found tattoos of a bull and a sheep and a set of S-shaped motifs. The man's tattoo, revealed by recent infrared scanning, is of overlapping horns of a bull with a long tail and a sheep with a humped shoulder. The woman's most prominent tattoos are in the shape of an S and run down her right shoulder. Another L-shaped image depicts batons used in dance, researchers said.

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We all know creating a culture of food safety is no easy task. From developing your company’s guiding safety principles, implementing them, training employees on them, to having every employee — from the C-suite down to the production line — make food safety top of mind can seem like an overwhelming, if not impossible, task.

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Richard Akoto is a teacher at the Betenase M/S Junior High School in Kumashi, a city that is 250 miles away from Accra, Ghana's capital city. He teaches information and communications technology. He teaches his students many things about computers, by drawing on the blackboard.