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Moshe Kantor opens five-day conference on anti-Semitism in Vienna, calls for practical solutions.

Patrick Jude Ilagan is a graphic designer/photographer hailing from the vast jungles of urban Manila. Always on the look out for visually appealing stuff he scours the internet and the bustling city in search of inspiration. His tools for mass creation is a Canon 500D along with a wide array of lights and lenses plus a 4 year old (but still fighting) laptop. Check out his work on

Anti-Semitism in the United Nations - Jewish Virtual Library

Who says getting a take out sandwich is bad for you? Rashers the only bacon sandwich shop created a series of really neat print ads. Rashers dares it’s customers to run, bike or ride in around the metro making a shape of a pig. With the help of any tracking app, participants will get a 30% off in their sandwiches.