Drama: The Greek Theatre and Three Athenian ..

At the early Greek festivals, the actors, directors, and dramatists were all the same person. After some time, only three actors were allowed to perform in each play. Later few non-speaking roles were allowed to perform on-stage. Due to limited number of actors allowed on-stage, the chorus evolved into a very active part of Greek theatre. Music was often played during the chorus' delivery of its lines.

Greek Theatre and its origin from Ancient Greece in the forms of Tragedy, Comedy and Satyr.

[Note: Scholars today do not believe thatthe masks worn in Greek drama were used as "megaphones." The acousticsin Greek ampitheatres were excellent and the wide mouths of the mask wereonly intended to allow clear speech, not to amplify sound.

A ncient Greek theatre has been fascinating millions of people

Drama: The Greek Theatre and Three Athenian Tragedians: Aeschylus, Sophocles, and Euripides

The ancient Greek’s have been considered the pioneers of theatre, and are known to have introduced the first actor, the tragedy genre, and most impressively theatre architecture....