Nigeria-US Relations: Analysing John Kerry’s Recent …

All of which cues us up to analyze the address by US Secretary of State John Kerry given before a worldwide audience on Wednesday, December 28, 2016.

Analyzing Context in John Kerry's Testimony before the Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs ..
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As one more prelude to analyzing the recent John Kerry address, this writer believes we must take note of the terror attacks on the World Trade Towers in New York City of 9-11-2001. Unless one has been blocking a certain category of emails since those 9-11 attacks, everybody who does any research on current events knows that there is an intense debate over whether elements in the US government “let it happen” or “made it happen.” Whatever the case – even if the terror attacks of 9-11 had been a total surprise to the west — it is clear that powerful forces in the establishment, in league with Netanyahu’s faction in Israel, have used that event to begin wars of choice in the Mideast against Arab and Muslim countries as well as to initiate attempted police state measures in the USA and beyond.

This paper looks at the recent visit of John Kerry, ..

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I do not support Barrack Obama because: I do not know how well this man can function under intense pressure. Let’s face it, we have never seen him in a “pressure-cooker” type of situation and he’s been treated almost like used John Deere mowers by the liberal media. You hardly ever hear them speak a negative word against him. Sure, he’s a good speaker – provided that he has a speech written out for him and a teleprompter handy. Otherwise, if asked to come up with a speech off the cuff, he stumbles and stutters around – and oddly enough, the media shows very few, if any, of these videos.