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Comparing Ali’s job to the Matrix movie, I feel that both compare in terms of their activities although the movie goes for more ideal representations. Both in the movie and in the real world there is a hero (ethical hacker/security professional) and a villain (bad hacker). Both use the same knowledge and skills but their perspective of looking at things and the consequences are different from each other. Just as in the movie, both the roles are always busy in defeating each other and for that purpose they have to predict the way the opponent can act, plan or think. Similarly Ali’s job as a security professional always requires him to predict the way bad hackers of the financial network can think plan and act in order to take appropriate measures in time.

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Too bad, because the set-up is intriguing. "The Matrix" recycles the premises of "" and "," turns up the heat and the volume, and borrows the gravity-defying choreography of Hong Kong action movies. It's fun, but it could have been more. The directors are Larry and , who know how to make movies (their first film, "," made my 10 best list in 1996). Here, with a big budget and veteran action producer , they've played it safer; there's nothing wrong with going for the Friday night action market, but you can aim higher and still do business.

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Warning; spoilers ahead. The plot involves Neo (), a mild-mannered software author by day, a feared hacker by night. He's recruited by a cell of cyber-rebels, led by the profound Morpheus () and the leather-clad warrior Trinity (). They've made a fundamental discovery about the world: It doesn't exist. It's actually a form of Virtual Reality, designed to lull us into lives of blind obedience to the "system." We obediently go to our crummy jobs every day, little realizing, as Morpheus tells Neo, that "Matrix is the wool that has been pulled over your eyes--that you are a slave." The rebels want to crack the framework that holds the Matrix in place, and free mankind. Morpheus believes Neo is the Messianic "One" who can lead this rebellion, which requires mind power as much as physical strength. Arrayed against them are the Agents, who look like Blues Brothers. The movie's battles take place in Virtual Reality; the heroes' minds are plugged into the combat. (You can still get killed, though: "The body cannot live without the mind"). "Jacking in" like this was a concept in "Strange Days" and has also been suggested in novels by ("Idoru") and others. The notion that the world is an artificial construction, designed by outsiders to deceive and use humans, is straight out of "Dark City." Both of those movies, however, explored their implications as the best science fiction often does. "Dark City" was fascinated by the Strangers who had a poignant dilemma: They were dying aliens who hoped to learn from human methods of adaptation and survival.

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