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It's also important to realize that your ability to do effective research on your topic will play a role in the evaluation of your research paper. Again, your paper should demonstrate your familiarity with what others have said about the specific aspects of the play that you are analyzing, and the information from secondary sources that you bring into your paper must be clearly relevant to the specific points about the play that you are examining and explaining.

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After deciding on a general topic that you wouldlike to examine in your paper, you will need to focus your approach. We will usea familiar play as an example, Sophocles' Antigone. After reading andstudying Antigone, you might conclude that the conflict between divinelaws and human laws is a topic you could develop in a research paper, but youalso think that the play warns us against the flaws of stubbornness and pridethat both Creon and Antigone exhibit. You might even have read a few articles onAntigone while trying to come up with a topic, and you may have noticedthat other scholars discuss these aspect of the play, suggesting that the topicis worth exploring.

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Antigone and Othello are tragedy plays created by using many techniques to create the feelings of fear and pity.

This is evident in the life of Antigone when her two brothers, Polyneices and Eteocles, both die at each other’s hands at war when deciding the ruler of Thebes....