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The importance of this problem of the universal stands out most clearly inits relation to the principle of contradiction. Aristotle sees in this principlethe primordial law of being and of thought, Locke sees in it nothing but asolemn futility, and Descartes thinks that God could have created a world wherethis principle would not be true. These different conceptions arise, it isclear, from different forms of solving the problem of universals. This radicaldiscord at the very roots of human thought vividly illumines the meaning andimportance of traditional realism.

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Between these opposed heresies lies the mystery, descending from thetranscendental deity which binds in one God's infinite mercy, His infinitejustice, and His sovereign freedom.

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In the order of being we note ten consequences of the principle that potencyis really and objectively distinct from act.

The saint does not tire of reiteration. Whatever there is of reality andgoodness [417] in our free acts comes from the Author of all good. Only thatwhich is evil in our acts cannot come from Him, just as, to repeat, the limp ofthe lame man does not come from the energy by which he walks.

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1. According to St. Thomas [811] our Savior's sufferings were the greatestthat can be conceived. In particular, His moral suffering surpassed that of allcontrite hearts, first because it derived from a transcendent wisdom, which letHim realize, far beyond our power, the infinite gravity of sin, and thecountless multitude of men's crimes; secondly because it derived from ameasureless love for God and men; thirdly because He suffered, not merely forthe sins of one man, as does a repentant sinner, but for all sins of all mentaken together. Hence the question: How under such intense pain, physical andmoral, could our Lord simultaneously preserve the boundless joy of the beatificvision?

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This position granted, St. Thomas draws therefrom all other Eucharistictruths, particularly in regard to the Real Presence, and the Eucharisticaccidents. He is faithful to the principle of economy which tells us to explainfacts without useless multiplication of causes.

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In other words, the fundamental argument of the Thomistic thesis runs thus:That which is not its own existence is really distinct from that existence,really, that is, anteriorly to any mental act of ours. Now the person of Peter,and much more his personality, is really distinct from his existence, andexistence is in him as a contingent predicate. God alone is His own existence, atruth of supremest evidence to those who have received the beatific vision.