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For example, consider two independent investment alternatives: Investment I and Investment II with the characteristics outlined in the following table:To rank these two investments under the , first we must compute the mean and standard deviation and then analyze the results.

The analyst is to assist the decision-maker in his/her decision-making process.

You can also expect to get a log, and often a set of commands as well, which can be used to document your work or to repeat an analysis without having to go through all the steps again.

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For example, although strong earthquakes occur in major urban centers only rarely such earthquakes tend to have human and economic consequences well beyond that of the typical tremor.

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However, the expected value is not necessarily a good measure alone by which to make decisions since it blurs the distinction between probability and severity.

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The graphical representation has a big advantage over the tabular representation in that one may read the utility of dollar values say $10, directly from the graph, as shown on the above graph, for our numerical example.

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For our numerical example, the following is a graph of the function over the interval used in modeling the utility function, plotted with its associated utility (U-axis) and the associated Dollar values (D-axis).

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You may apply it for validating the above example and for a deeper understanding of the concept where more than 2-sources of information are to be combined.

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Considering our earlier Investment Decision-Making Example:The states of nature are the states of economy during, an arbitrary time frame, as in one year.

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While, an informed decision-maker might be able to construct his/her subjective payoff matrix, and then following the same decision process, however, in many situations it becomes necessary to combine the two.