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People might find it easy to relate to Francie as she goes through the difficulties of growing up. Let’s face it: growing up is filled with disappointments and uncertainties—peppered with awesome moments of excitement and thrills. This seems to be true for just about everybody, whether they grew up in 1913, 1963, or the 21st century.

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Although it is easy to believe that this is the story of Betty Smith’s young life, she was adamant that this isn’t her autobiography and often said that she wrote A Tree Grows in Brooklyn the way things should have been, not as they actually were. It really doesn't matter, though, because A Tree Grows in Brooklyn is such a solid tale that Francie Nolan (and some of the other characters, too) just might stick with you for a long time after you finish the book. We guess you could say they'll take root in your heart… get it? Good, now let's get started.

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As you probably know by now, life is just unfair at times. There is no denying that some have it way easier than others, and Francie is one of those who has it pretty tough:

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That's not Francie's style, though. She is a glass half-full type, so instead of focusing on all the negatives, she sees the beauty that is all around her. There is magic in Brooklyn, and she wants to show it to you.

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The most significant character in A Tree Grows in Brooklyn is Francie Nolan. A lonely child, Francie avoids close companionship with her peers. Although she is a talented writer and an excellent student, Francie drops out of school at age fourteen to earn money for her family. She later picks up credits in summer school and eventually passes a college entrance exam; she gradually opens up and forms closer relationships with people her own age through her work and her studies.