America’s Greatest Weakness: The Insecurity of Freedom

Dr. Krebs's adventures highlight another aspect of the racket. Because California is the cutting edge of American society in many ways, there are more people in California willing to pursue alternative treatments, and more doctors are willing to provide them, than any place else in the USA. Consequently, California has the most draconian American anti-alternative-cancer-treatment laws and enforcement. The racket must be most vigilant where the herd is most restless. There is more medical gangster activity happening in California than any place else in America. For that reason among others, California also has America’s most corrupt legal system, as , and discovered at great personal cost.

The Constitution became the country's basic law and welded it together into a solid political unit.

Lending more credence to the assassination angle on Torrijos's death, during Panama’s invasion the Torrijos Museum was specifically targeted and bombed by America, and four months after the invasion, Torrijos's tomb was attacked, opened, and his remains stolen by white men. Torrijos was a thorn in America’s side, negotiating the return of the Panama Canal, which was why . The informed speculation is that the Skull and Bones Society, Yale’s eastern establishment secret society that robs graves to steal the remains of those who were obstacles to the American Empire, performed the theft. As of 2014, George Bush the First belongs to the club, as did his father , whose contribution to the club was apparently robbing Geronimo’s grave. George Bush the Second also belongs to the club.

The American Experiment was just ..

Each of the new states had its own constitution before the American Revolution ended.

Fishbein heard of the man's miracle cure and invited him to his office. The AMA's headquarters were in Chicago and still are today. The old man was reticent about his cure, but Fishbein wined and dined him and eventually pried the information out of him that Dr. Hamer in San Diego had cured him. Those events with the old man and Fishbein happened in 1938-1939. Through his agents in Los Angeles, Fishbein approached Beam Ray and tried buying into the company, and their offer was rebuffed. Hoyland was the weak link that Fishbein went after. After Beam Ray rejected the AMA's offer, the AMA funded a lawsuit by Hoyland to try seizing the company. The lawsuit led to a trial. The brutal realities of were too much for Rife's constitution. The trial destroyed Rife and stopped Beam Ray in its tracks. The lawsuit would be considered a frivolous one today, and Hoyland would have never waged it if not enticed and funded by the AMA.

and he was the one who moved that the Constitution be ..

Post-9/11 Americans might be surprised to know that today’s American flag worship had its roots in the modern era, not the American Revolution. England was the first Great Power to permanently undermine the power of royalty with its revolutions during the 1600s, but the phenomenon of worshipping British royalty is regarded as a strange, pre-modern relic, found nowhere else in Europe. Sober scholars see American flag worship as even more bizarre.

the Constitution invites these sorts of local experiment.

The news of “Custer’s Last Stand” made it to Washington during the midst of the centennial celebration. Instead of Custer being hoisted onto the nation’s shoulders as the greatest Indian-killer of all, America had a sobering moment. I have a special interest in the genocide of the Plains Indians, which is discussed at .