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Nomura excels at providing real opportunities to interns and graduates. In the current economic climate there are many challenges but also opportunities to get more involved. I have increasingly been given more responsibility, while some of my friends are still doing similar roles to when they started.

—Rachel Dunifon, Cornell University

Asia is expected to account for half of the world's GDP by 2050 and will no doubt remain the growth engine of the global economy over the coming years. However, for the region to realize its full potential, Asian countries must finance the large-scale infrastructure projects required to underpin economic growth. Japan can play a leading role here, growing together with the rest of Asia by putting its financial assets to work across the region. With Asia as our home market, this is an area in which Nomura has a distinct competitive advantage.

—Sheldon Danziger, University of Michigan

Adena Spingarn, Foreword by Henry Louis Gates, Jr.

Doherty did much of the initial research for the St. Dominic’s columbarium, and remains an active volunteer in the project. About 100 people have purchased spaces, she said, which range in cost from $4,000-$15,000. “Many people in the parish are grateful for the opportunity to keep the remains of their loved ones in their home parish,” she said.

BSc in Banking, Finance & Management, Loughborough University

The program comprehensively covers: accounting, corporate finance/valuation, financial modelling, fixed income and equity product analytics and banking group overviews. Complementing the classroom learning, Analysts and Associates complete assignments, deliver presentations on financial news and attend social events arranged to facilitate teamwork and peer interaction.

Masters in Management, ESCP Europe

The delivery of the continuous development curriculum takes place via a broad means, including classroom sessions, senior speaker series, e-Learning, subject matter experts, mentoring programs and team-building events.

Economics degree, Brigham Young University

Nomura's Corporate Infrastructure training program comprises of online resources, classroom based technical and product training and a soft skills curriculum.

Masters in Finance, University of Amsterdam

The curriculum combines a broad Global Markets overview, financial fundamentals and specific divisional and functional content. Participants are exposed to senior leadership through integrated business speakers, success panels and networking events. The program also emphasizes Nomura's commitment to giving back to the community through an organized philanthropic activity.

Bachelors Computer Science degree, City University London

The two weeks of intensive training when graduates join offers a comprehensive introduction to banking in general, along with financial products and concepts. The training is delivered by external trainers and senior internal subject matter experts. During the initial training graduates will participate in classroom based seminars, trading simulations, business overviews and networking events.

Graduated in Economics, Kobe University

Whatever division you join, you will benefit from ongoing performance feedback. At Nomura, our managers spend time focusing on your career development. They will dedicate considerable amounts of time to coach and mentor you, helping you to realize your full potential.