Is Donald Trump Ending American Democracy?

On November 16th, the University of Virginia Center for Politics is hosting its 19th Annual American Democracy Conference. Join Larry Sabato and a host of political panelists for a lively discussion about this year’s elections and its effects on political parties, public policy and the nation as a whole. Guests include: Katrina Pierson, former Trump campaign spokesperson, Symone Sanders, former Communications Director for Bernie Sanders’ campaign, Susan Page, Chief Editor of USA Today, Senator Evan Bayh and many others.

American Democracy Conference - Center for Politics

Democracies have come in many shapes and sizes as reflected by the different answers to questions of how, when, and to which people power is given. And although it is not mentioned in the Declaration of Independence nor the Constitution, democracy clearly links to "rule of law" to form a basic principle that profoundly shapes American government.

Nationalism or Democracy? | The American Conservative