Other early camera artists included (1895-1965) and (1903–1975).

Wallace began his career as an announcer and game show host before he became a journalist. Wallace started on the radio for CBS and returned to CBS television during the Vietnam War. Wallace is best known for his investigative journalism and interviewing skills. In the 1950s, he interviewed the young Hugh Heffner about the role of Playboy in society. He went on to the popular Sunday news program 60 Minutes. Born in 1918, he continued his career into the next century as the oldest working journalist on television.

The American Academy of Fine Arts was founded as early as 1802 and ran until 1841.

Although photography (invented 1839) eventually replaced painting as a chronicler of events and experience, 19th century America relied on painters to record these things.

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Later exponents include: Matthew Barney (b.1967) and the Japanese-American Mariko Mori (b.1967).

Obviously, he did make his share of mistakes. CIA-orchestrated coups against elected governments in Iran and Guatemala, for example, are now widely viewed as black marks in American history. But for the most part, Ike's military background and vast experience on the world stage served him well as he steered the country along the path of peace.

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This from the Yorkshire Film Archive shows the Watkins family having tea at home in Yorkshire in the early 1950s. It helps to give us an insight into how people lived in this period and what they did in their spare time.

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The children then used information they had collected from the video, plus what they had learnt from other in this series to write a description of a child from the 1950s.

They were asked to think about:

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The 1950s family home was also very different from our own. Housework was much more difficult, as for example people did their washing by hand, instead of in a machine, and with refrigerators being a luxury item for most people, food had to be bought daily. It was less common for married women to work and many took on the childcare and housework, while their husbands went to work.

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Conservative Americans' fears about sex found audio form in the rock 'n' roll craze. American teens took their portable radios and record players of their parent-controlled living rooms and into their own spaces and began choosing a new kind of music. Radio changed to accommodate a television-dominated entertainment world by playing music, the "Top 40, news, weather and sports"format. Rock 'n' roll – originally called race music – took off when white teenagers began buying black musicians' records. Elvis Presely became one of the first white males to popularize race music. He soon epitomized rock 'n' roll for teenagers and sex 'n' danger for their parents.

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White society was not only confronted with an African-American presence in music, but also with the grim reality of racism in schools and public services. In 1954, Brown vs. Board of Education in Topeka, Kansas set off a series of battles between determined blacks and stubborn whites.