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Completely agrees with Joseph Obdami. And they are many other differences such as tourists expecting everybody to speak English or other “superior” language when in a foreign country, can’t learn a few words and look down upon those poor souls who dont have an iPhone. And many, many others that make the whole difference between a traveler and a tourist.
So, as Joseph says: oh BS!

As much as possible I try to travel without borders…and I might as well travel without “labels”.

There is definitely some snobbery with the label “traveler.” I suppose on one hand, some want to distance themselves from the package tourist, or the stereotypical seen-through-a-camera tourist. That’s understandable, I guess. But people do have to understand that different people do have different travel style, or reasons for travel, or interests, or even time. Not everyone is cut out to go “off the beaten path” or go exploring on their own, just as not everyone is into big tour groups, or even cruises.

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I do agree with your opinion about this particular quote, partly at least…. I understand the intention behind it. It is pretentious and a bit scathing. It implies that travelers are more adventurous, that they are better or somehow less foreign than a tourist. I think that traveling, no matter what, is an adventure.
But I do partly disagree and here it is- I think there is a huge difference when traveling for pleasure and traveling for survival. I have done a lot of traveling. All over the world, I have been a tourist in many places. I went on vacation to Mexico once. Spent 3 months in south Mexico, as a tourist, traveler, whatever. Then it came time to leave and head back to Seattle so I could make it to my seasonal job in Alaska. On that trip I was robbed and had to hitchhike from south Texas to Seattle. I no longer felt like a tourist. The travel was no longer pleasure. I had no money and no one to call for help and I was on a desperate mission to get from one place to another while surviving. Sure, it was still an adventure. But during the 2,000 plus miles of sticking my thumb out and praying that I would not get picked up by a psycho, I would not call myself a tourist.

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“The key thing to remember is that regardless of how many “off the beaten track” places you travel too, or how many locals you hang out with, unless you actually get a flat, job, learn the language, and stop travelling, then you are not a local and never will be.”

I am beginning to consider myself a tourist

Oh BS! There is a HUGE difference between travelers and tourists. Travelers are adventurers. Tourists are shoppers. Travelers seek to become more knowledgeable about the planet they inhabit. Tourists seek out shiny trinkets. Travelers are interested in other cultures and ways of living. Tourists are interested in shiny trinkets. Travelers revel in the unanticipated experiences just around the next corner or border. Tourists revel in shiny trinkets. Travelers have great stories to share about interesting places and interesting people and the resulting interesting experiences. Tourists show off their shiny trinkets.

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As a full-time nomad and traveler, I agree with the fact that you can do whatever you want and it shouldn’t be anybody’s business in the first place. If you want to see Angkor Wat, The Colosseum, or the Taj Mahal….go for it! The reason those places are “Toursity” in the first place is because they are magnificent pieces of history that everyone SHOULD see.

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Even looking at the differences in how we travel compared to a typical holidaymaker, which I guess is where the stereotype of a tourist comes from, can anyone really say that they have never done something “touristy” while on their travels? Whether it was checking out the Eiffel Tower, Sydney Opera House, or Times Square. Can you honestly say you have never done one touristy thing on your travels at somepoint?