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Alternative versus regular medical practices should not be thought of as a choice between "separate but equal" systems. A 1993 study in the described what many call "alternative" medicine as "unconventional." Unconventional therapies are those "not taught widely at US medical schools or generally available at US hospitals." Unconventional was additionally described as "those medical practices which are not in conformity with the standards of the medical community" ("Unconventional Medicine," January 28, 1993, pp. 246-52).

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Critical evaluation, testing, questioning, replication of experiments, comparison with established, proven standards, responsibility, and accountability - the stuff of the scientific method - are significant criteria for New Age medicine or "alternative" practices in general. The need for scientific validation is skirted with stories, anecdotal reports, testimonials, and unsubstantiated claims. These are offered, and uncritically received by participants, as evidence for success, safety and efficacy. Sometimes the claim is that a practice is "too far advanced" to be measured by the primitive methods we have today, or the request for validation is dismissed with "Science doesn't know everything."

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Desperate Christians with serious or chronic illnesses may be tempted to try questionable alternative practices. Highly conscientious people who want to feel they are doing everything they can to be more useful to God may also be attracted. Disappointment with physicians, impersonal care, or human error may send some people to the doors of an unconventional practitioner. The equation of scientifically based medicine with "the world system" leads some to reject the medicine as being ungodly. The view that "natural" equals good that is from God may attract some folks. The need to be in control of what is happening with their health leads some to simpler explanations and treatments which involve them more.

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It should be particularly disturbing when Christians make or accept egregiously false interpretations of scripture in support of alternative medicine's practices. Christians who utilize iridology (a disproven practice using the iris of the eye for diagnosis) repeatedly misuse Matthew 6:22, "The light of the body is the eye. If therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of ligh," as the indication that iridology is divinely provided.

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As modern medicine becomes more advanced, technology (which is costly to implement and faces early obsolescence) becomes more advanced and with it the skyrocketing costs of health care. In comparison, alternative therapies such as Traditional Chinese Medicine are relatively simple, effective and inexpensive.

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Another Christian alternative practitioner, Darlene Haberer, uses naturopath Donald LePore's which describes how to use his version of muscle testing (a disproven technique) to check and balance everything from chakras (Hindu energy centers) to gems (crystal power). LePore's book describes treating allergies (pp. 9-17), diabetes (p. 283) and depression (with useless occult Bach Flower remedies - pp. 213-15) using this muscle testing. He teaches how to integrate muscle testing with most of the occult health related alternative theories, including picking colors for occult "color therapy." "Blue gives my vocal directives added power of command, and without raising my voice volume to be dominating, people still listen and obey my suggestion. . .People will listen to me!!" (p. 360).


Christian "alternative" practitioners can utilize health misinformation, misuse Scripture and introduce occultic and New Age ideas into their business and to their clients. Christians are not immune to deception, even in practices which involve metaphysical principles which are contrary to Scripture. Unfortunately, due to the spiritual/philosophical roots or associations involved, participating in alternative medicine practices can lead to compromise of standards and spiritual contamination. It may even lead to early death.