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Dumas' father (general ) was born in (present-day ) to a French nobleman and an enslaved African woman. At age 14, Thomas-Alexandre was taken by his father to France, where he was educated in a military academy and entered the military for what he made as an illustrious career.

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He wrotemany historical novels where he took great liberty with the truthin order to achieve a good story, but never claimed that theywere historically accurate.
His son, , wrote several important novelsincluding La Dame aux Camélias, the basis of Verdi'sopera .
After many years of writing, traveling, and carousing, afterhe had made and lost several fortunes, Dumas died in Puys, near Dieppe, onDecember 5, 1870.

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Brought as a boy to France by his father and legally freed there, Thomas-Alexandre Dumas Davy was educated in a military school and joined the army as a young man. As an adult, Thomas-Alexandre used his mother's name, Dumas, as his surname after a break with his father. Dumas was promoted to general by the age of 31, the first soldier of Afro-Antilles origin to reach that rank in the French army. He served with distinction in the . He became general-in-chief of the Army of the Pyrenees, the first man of color to reach that rank. Although a general under in the Italian and Egyptian campaigns, Dumas had fallen out of favor by 1800 and requested leave to return to France. On his return, his ship had to put in at , in the , where he and others were held as prisoners of war. During his two-year imprisonment, his health was ruined. At the time of Alexandre's birth, his father was impoverished.