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Notwithstanding such unreasonable methods followed by the anti gun control groups, gun control pros and cons have been brought to light by s that frequently appear in the print media. Thus gun death statistics are available in the public domain and the people are becoming increasingly aware of these figures. People will be able to judge the issue of gun control based on gun death statistics and not on rhetorical statements like claiming gun ownership as a right. When gun death statistics reveal that in countries that have implemented strict laws, not only murders have come down but suicides have decreased as well, there should be no doubt in anyone’s mind about what the right course should be.

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2) We can understand the opposition of the NRA to gun control but if it wants its views to be heard, it should join the gun control debate and explain its position with respect to gun death statistics. But, instead of following this sensible course, the NRA has been threatening some legislators that they will face certain defeat in the primaries if they do not endorse the stand of the NRA on the issue of gun control.

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Where do we find gun control facts? We can spot them in newspaper reports and in several other places. We can readily access these facts in gun control articles dealing with gun control pros and cons. Let us start with some . It is often claimed by opponents of gun control that the idea of allowing people own guns is to prevent crime. Obviously, this is an opinion and this can be valid only if it is supported by facts. No evidence has been found in support of this view. Gun death statistics only show the opposite to be true.