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With low-cost networking annual membership at £30 + VAT or life membership at £50 + VAT you can then take the initiative yourself to search for, contact and network direct with In Business Members to create employment leads and opportunities; and receive no-cost career advice direct from In-Business members whom you contact. If you are already In Business you can use the network to create business connections and opportunities.

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Whilst The List is a membership organisation made up of individuals it offers Corporate Membership to employers to enable them to derive significant financial benefit and abatements, additional advertising and marketing and direct access to the network along with a presence in the ex-Service community.

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Depending on the nature of the requirement The List is able to respond to the KPIs below, but would prefer to work with the client to be able to generate a service where employer risk is reduced to the absolute minimum:

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Other suppliers, professional intermediaries, headhunters and recruitment agencies, especially those supplying to the UK Defence sector and MOD, use The List themselves to source and deliver talent to their clients arguably more costly to employers if they were not to engage with The List direct.

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This network and the connection to over a million people is the USP of The List; no other organisation is able to offer such penetration of the ex-Forces community.

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This infinite network enables individual Members and The List to reach into every sector of the UK economy, and overseas markets, to find the talent that employers seek; talent that has grounding in Defence but is continually being topped-up by experience, progression and success in other sectors. And because of the relative ease with which The List can source this talent, the recruitment offerings are immeasurably abated to those normally found in recruitment and HR sectors.

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Twenty five thousand people leave the UK Services every year; 80% under the age of 40 and 50% under the age of 25. All have passed through selection, initial training and then developed a vast range of skills, trades and competencies embracing every facet of the delivery of the UK's Defence capability. It is this talent that joins The List, initially as job seekers, and then remain 'on board' as In Business Members furthering their own personal and business needs for the remainder of their employed life.

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In addition to their listing in the network, The List also enables In Business Members to advertise their business or services direct to other Members in the Members area. This inexpensive presence enables a Member to describe the business, provide direct contact information and a web-link to their business

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The List has a unique job board. Because we recognise that there are thousands of people leaving the Forces every year and because ex-Forces people are constantly moving around the job market we 'pull-in' jobs from right across the country and from all sectors in order to present those jobs in one place. And if there isn't a job that catches your eye then we provide a direct internet link to other job boards that might be able to help you. Those jobs which are particularly suited to ex-Forces tend to be listed under the Defence & Armed Forces sector on the job board or contain the keyword 'military' in the description. We list featured jobs on the homepage because those are the ones we are pushing at the time, but there are always hundreds of jobs on the job board.