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Agriculture and allied activities accounts for about 15.7 % of country's GDP and is estimated to employ about 124.7 million people as cultivators and 106.8 million as agricultural labour (Census 2001). Besides this Agriculture Industry employs a large number of people in the Organized and the Unorganized sector, the data pertaining to the same is however not available. Based on the assumptions of Food Grain Production and Manpower required to handle the total produced, the same is derived at (0.20 Million) for Organized and (1.95 Million) for Unorganized sector.

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ILSI India coordinates activities and provides scientific inputs and assistance to the South Asian Region which includes Bangladesh, India, Maldives, Bhutan, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka.

ILSI-India activities primarily focus on local and regional issues and involve leading national and international experts in the deliberations.

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I express my happiness on joining the 2nd oldest Agriculture University of India, that has shaped agriculture and....

However, those who want to have a detailed account of Ancient India can go through these books for a comprehensive reading; 'A History of IndiaVol 1' by RomilaThapar, "Early India: From the Origins to AD 1300" by RomilaThapar, "The Wonder that is India" by A.L. Bhasam, "Ancient India in Historical Outline" by D.N. Jha "The Culture And Civilisation Of Ancient India" by D. Kosambi, "Early Medieval Indian Society: A Study in Feudalisation" by R. S. Sharma, "A History of Ancient and Early Medieval India : From the Stone Age to the 12th Century" by Upinder Singh.

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India has always boasted of a glorious past and the history of Ancient India is a huge subject of study. In order to understand this complexity of Ancient Indian history we are providing a series of short essays on different topics to give a bird's eye view of Ancient India.