The pressure of such responsibility affected the young man.

The Silk Road was a massive network of routes spanning the globe from Japan and Korea in the East to the Mediterranean Sea in the West. For centuries, luxuries such as tea, precious gems, perfume, spices and of course, silk, from the East made their way west along these land-based routes, .

Many of the military leaders in the later wars are seen in junior roles in earlier wars.

was indeed responsible for the Army's adoption of the saber, displaying those considerable powers of single mindedness, will, dedication, and zeal that made him such an effective maneuver combat general three decades later in North Africa and Europe.

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In October of 1962, the world held its breath as two nuclear superpowers squared off.

The evolution of the manipular legion and its attendant battle tactics would have continued apace during these years, driven by the realities of fighting war against the rustic but martial mountain tribes of the central Apennines, although it is impossible to trace any details of this metamorphosis from the extant sources.

Afghanistan is not lost, but for several years it has moved backwards

by Larry Parker

Operation Cobra, the breakout from Normandy 24-27 July 1944, began with one of the most concentrated and intense carpet bombings in the history of modern warfare.

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Since the end of the war, officials began publishing their memoirs, classified documents have been released, and researchers have uncovered information related to German intentions.

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Even some of the first men to serve in combat were WWII veterans, many of whom who had already given ‘a pound of flesh’ in the service to their country.

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It was just too short a time after the end of World War II, with the sacrifices by many, the devastation of so much, burned into people’s memories all too readily.

Why Is Afghanistan the 'Graveyard of Empires'

With a beginning that was unlike any other beginning of a ‘war’ up until then, the term ‘Police Action’ became its moniker for many years, with some in the United States and other countries looking to call it anything other than what it really was.

A chronology of Afghanistan's history from 50,000 BCE - 652

These two women are held up as the ground breakers who brought women and nursing into the history of military medicine, and indeed, to the world as a whole.

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The Korean War, forever known as the ‘Forgotten War’ by many, lasted a total of 1127 days, from June 25th 1950 through July 27th 1953.