That is the reason Affirmative Action was birthed by Lyndon B.

Answer: They both represent the new face and a new strategy for conservative opposition against affirmative action.
What's new about the face of the opposition is easy to see: Two successful black men implying the road to success is paved by "merit," not with "quotas" and "set asides." They both speak carefully chosen terms with which to refer to affirmative action.

The affects affirmative action has on the society of the United States will be analyzed.

Bakke, the Supreme Court decided that race could be used as a factor in deciding college admissions - setting a precedent for the use of affirmative action (Lane A1).

Does seniority play a role in affirmative action.

Finally the reactions of beneficiaries of affirmative action will be discussed....

Affirmative Action Defined Historically, affirmative action-like programs emerged from the need to provide reparations to slaves newly freed as a result of the Emancipation Proclamation of 1862. The first initiative was the formation of the Freedmen's Bureau, which confiscated the land of confederate soldiers and leased it to the freed slaves. Eventually, with the bitter opposition to continued legislative support, the belief by President Andrew Johnson the all of the slave's problems had been solved, and fear that these measures would harm whites, the bureau became insolvent. However, a few years later, the Fourteenth Amendment was ratified, with the equal protection clause being created to guarantee the freed slaves equal treatment under the law.

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These Affirmative Action laws were set in place by our government with the intent of correcting the social evil know as prejudice; but in doing so, they created a monster.

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Affirmative action gives special privileges to minorities based solely on the color of their skin, not on their abilities or their financial situation.

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Affirmative action is necessary to give all Americans an opportunity to be successful and to counteract the discrimination that still exists in modern society....

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As an issue of today's society, affirmative action requires corporations, universities and other organizations to establish programs designed to ensure that all applicants are treated fairly.

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Under the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the federal government requires certain businesses and educational institutions that receive federal funds to develop affirmative action programs.

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Shortly thereafter, “the goal of the civil rights movement shifted from the traditional aim of equality of opportunity through nondiscrimination alone to affirmative action to establish ‘goals and timetables’ to achieve absolute equality between blacks and whites” (Dye 253)....