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Hi Chad, Thanks for including Tapstone in your Native Advertising Technology Landscape. Our feedback for the future would be that we consider ourselves a DSP not an SSP and we hope you agree when you hear some more about us… We provide our advertising clients with a full native advertising service, pioneering the ‘Native for Direct Response’ approach that combines the look and feel of native advertising with the results oriented philosophy of direct response. More info available here:

It outlines the new players and data infrastructures in the digital advertising landscape.

It provides a platform where these Publishers can more efficiently sell its available inventory on Ad Exchanges and to Ad Networks.
Ad Exchange
Ad Network
After making its inventory available through the SSP, the Publisher can set selling preferences such as price floor, who it wants its inventory bought by, and the type of advertisements it wants displayed on its site.

MTM – Modern Technology Media – Advertising Agency

One of the largest registered user databases, powering a comprehensive suite of advertising applications available on-demand, in the cloud.

With so many words, sounds, and images competing for our attention, how do organizations get their message heard? Smart, well-planned advertising and marketing communications break through the media overload. From promoting a product to building awareness of a brand or an idea, a great campaign speaks directly to the audience.

What is a marketing technology platform

The additional information an advertiser would gain using a service of this kind would include: the percentage of ads displayed that were viewable to the end user, what specific websites an ad unit ran on, if the ad unit was displayed in the correct geo, and if your ad unit was placed next to questionable content.

Advertising and data solutions for the ..

Media Agency
Ad Exchange
Ad Network
Ad Server
services add an additional layer of technology to each display campaign with the purpose of giving the advertiser a more in depth look at how their campaign is performing.

Advertising Intelligence Service - IHS Technology

This is a great time for customers to invest in EMCs, adds Stegall, because while the technology has improved significantly, the costs have gone down, bringing full-color capabilities closer in line with monochrome (amber and red) displays for more flexibility and versatility.

Future of advertising with digital technology - English …

Here at the NAI we believe that native advertising is still in its infancy and expect to see the vendor landscape grow in the coming years. We hope to document this growth. It’s at 272 today and it’s anybody’s guess what it will look like in five years.

Future Advertising Technologies

While there are many influencer marketing technologies out there, we chose just to include the ones that also help facilitate a financial transaction between the influencer and an advertiser. If those vendors did not land in the paid media circle below they were not included.