He spoke for the people, to the people, and stood by their side.

Hitler convincedHindenburg to take strong action against the supposed Communist threat,and the president suspended freedom of speech and the press and other civilliberties.

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Notwithstanding, the German Volk experienced the Black Day of November9, 1918; notwithstanding, it experienced the terrible collapse of the postwar period in all fields of political, cultural, and economic life.

In the fist picture, he is visiting a soldier in the hospital.

In the courseof this leadership the party fulfills its primary task: the ideologicalconquest of the German Volk and the creation of the "Organization of theVolk." The state is a technical instrument to assist in the creation ofthis community of the people.

The children from his previous marriage, Alois Hitler, Jr.

Now that the external bond of the old idea ofthe Reich has fallen away, this blood is active, together with other bastardphenomena, in order to put itself in the service of a magic faith or inthe service of the democratic chaos, which finds its herald in the parasiticbut energetic Judaism.

and Angela,attended the wedding and lived with them afterwards.

For this they rely primarily on the Alpine lower stratum, which, withoutany value of its own, has remained essentially superstitious and slavishdespite all Germanization.

Hitler's father was now 52 years old.

The foundation for the arising of a new aristocracy lies in those menwho have stood - in a spiritual, political, and military sense - in theforemost positions in the struggle for the coming Reich.

Baby Adolf had the nickname, Adi.

This emphasis on the Nordic race does not meana sowing of "race-hatred" in Germany, but on the contrary, the consciousacknowledgment of a kind of racial cement within our nationality.

The Hitler family lived on a small farm outsideof Linz, Austria.

It declares protection of the folk more important than protection of areligious denomination, a class, the monarchy, or the republic; it seesin treason against the folk a greater crime than high treason against thestate.

The children had farm chores to perform along with theirschool work.

Finally, the racial doctrine upon which this ideology rested in largepart can be seen through the eyes of the party's "ideologist" - : Alfred Rosenberg discussed the relationship between thestate and the "Volk" in his (1935):The state is nowadays no longer an independent idol, before which everythingmust bow down; the state is not even an end but is only a means for thepreservation of the "Volk"....