(1) the nature, extent, and cause of the abuse or neglect;

(4) the number of any department abuse or neglect investigations involving the child or the individual alleged to have abused or neglected the child during the two years preceding the date of the fatality and the results of the investigations;

But just as often there is provocation, and violence becomes a sly family dance.

But abuse is abuse, simply because using a child for erotic pleasure strips the child’s vulnerable ego of its dignity and humanity and makes the child’s body into a mere object; this experience leaves the child with the life-long psychological scars of guilt and and of feeling like a piece of .

(2) an assessment of the child's family; and

(6) the types of abuse and neglect alleged in the reported investigations, if any; and

Sec. 261.004. TRACKING OF RECURRENCE OF CHILD ABUSE OR NEGLECT REPORTS. (a) The department shall collect and monitor data regarding repeated reports of abuse or neglect:

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(c) Notwithstanding Subsection (a), a report, other than a report under Subsection (a)(3) or Section , must be made to the department if the alleged or suspected abuse or neglect involves a person responsible for the care, custody, or welfare of the child.

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(e) In cooperation with the department, the Texas Juvenile Justice Department by rule shall adopt guidelines for identifying a report made to the Texas Juvenile Justice Department under Section (b) that is appropriate to refer to the department or a law enforcement agency for investigation. Guidelines adopted under this subsection must require the Texas Juvenile Justice Department to consider the severity and immediacy of the alleged abuse or neglect of the child victim.

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If family members sense that one member is trying to alter the system’s equilibrium by detaching from its abusive patterns, that member will be perceived as a threat, labeled as a “black sheep,” and much pressure, such as manipulation with shame and guilt, will be applied to draw that member back into the family dysfunction.

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(b) If the district attorney makes the notification under this section, the department shall, on receipt of a report of suspected abuse or neglect, immediately notify the district attorney as requested and the department shall forward a copy of the reports to the district attorney on request.

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(b) Immunity from civil and criminal liability extends to an authorized volunteer of the department or a law enforcement officer who participates at the request of the department in an investigation of alleged or suspected abuse or neglect or in an action arising from an investigation if the person was acting in good faith and in the scope of the person's responsibilities.