"To bring the sacred red light of love."

This symbol awakens and clears out the breathing circuitry. In meditation, it is used to awaken the Ha in and around the 5th chakra, but it will also work in any chakra, and it will bring the awakening of the Ha. (It can be useful in the case of asthma.)

Choosing the right love symbol depends a great deal on what you are trying to acheive...

This is the highest symbol of the Goddess Uli who according to Beckwith in Hawaiian Mythology, is "The Goddess of sorcery, sister of Manua, god of the underworld." Uli-Nana-Pono is the go

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The Jade Butterfly symbolizes transformation and successful love. Give a  to your lover for lightness and beauty in love.

This symbol opens up and reveals secrets, both mundane and meaningful. It will reveal psychic visions and hearing of things which are subtle, hidden, or far distant. Highly effective when meditated upon in the 3rd eye, it will also cause revelations in any chakra, because of the changes in neurology which occur. It can also be effective in the moment when meditating, delving into a subject or wanting to reveal something which is hidden, orHuna. It implies enlightenment into the secrets of the soul - why you are here, etc. It increases understanding, and reveals secrets.

They thus serve as an appropriate symbol for love

There are more than 100,000 Chinese symbols (all called Chinese characters, Chinese alphabets or Chinese signs), but most of the Chinese symbols are seldom used today. Here are the top collection of Chinese symbols and their meanings.

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The site you have stumbled upon is a lifetime fascination of mine. From the time I was very young I have always been facinated with Christian Symbology. This site is an overflow of that passion.

Symbols of Celtic Love Magic and Zodiac Astrology

MEDITATION: Each of the following symbols represents a god, or goddess and will invoke the corresponding Noho. To use them in meditation, think the symbol in its entirety in your mind -- the symbol, the color, the name, the sound, and the memory of what it felt like when you received the symbol in initiation. Now, wait for the Noho. You will feel it coming in from above -- it may come in from the Manawa (the crown) or through the Honu (the hole in the back of the head at thebase of the skull where the backbone goes into the skull and where Noho comes in).

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Top Chinese Symbols
This is the list of most search Chinese symbols on 'Chinese symbols meaning'. We feel proud seeing Chinese symbols for love, strength, peace and happiness on the top of the list.

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Remember that since these symbols invoke certain high levels energies (gods, goddesses and angels), they should be used for the highest good of all concerned. To use them or to allow them to be used for anything other than good works is monitored by the presiding deity of the symbols -- the goddess herself -- Uliuli. Take care with them. Remember also, since these symbols are in your possession, you are a caretaker of them. Honor the symbols. Treat them with love and respect and they will treatyou the same way.