“Her soul is a dog’s soul,” she recalls him saying.

Mauritania is a huge and largely empty country in the Sahara Desert. This makes it difficult to enforce any laws, including those against slavery. A branch of al Qaeda has found it an attractive hiding place, and the country's vastness also means that rural and nomadic slave owners are largely hidden from view.

 The country is slavery’s last stronghold.

The United Nations has proposed a number of changes the Mauritanian government could make to quicken the end of slavery. Among them: Pay lawyers to represent victims; allow international monitors into the country to conduct a full survey of slavery; and fund centers like the one SOS runs to rehabilitate slaves who have claimed their freedom.

I have sacrificed all of my interests to those of the country.

To conquer them we must dare, dare again, always dare, and France is saved!

Delivered on November 19, 1863, the address was delivered at the Gettysburg cemetery. The was given at a ceremony dedicating the cemetery as the National Cemetery:

Listening to her story, two facts became painfully clear:

Britain lost its 13 American colonies to independence in part because its military was busy protecting its sugar islands, many historians have argued.

One hundred whip-smart wisecracks

Sizable garrisons were also stationed in the West Indies to guard the few sugar holdings Britain had left at the end of the Seven Years' War in 1763. In carving up the Americas after the fighting stopped, King George III had decided to cede a few of his Caribbean sugar islands to France in order to secure a sizable chunk of North America.

All of Moulkheir’s children were born into slavery.

At the center, called AFESIP (an acronym for its French name), several dozen girls are getting a lesson in hygiene from a nurse. When the class breaks up, the girls, dressed in their public-school uniforms—white cotton blouses, knee-length blue skirts—excitedly swarm around Sreypov, practically tackling her to the ground. The girls live at the center, which is run by a former victim of sex slavery named Somaly Mam, and attend a nearby school, as well as learn job skills like sewing and hairstyling.

And all were the result of rape by her master.

Nine years later, he ruled on one of the darkest episodes in Britain’s colonial history. The crew of the Zong slave ship threw more than 100 African slaves overboard in order to claim insurance for “jettisoned cargo”. But in a blow to the slave traders, Lord Mansfield threw out the claim.

She couldn’t see beyond her small, enslaved world.

The importance of those colonies, especially those belonging to Britain and France, had enormous consequences for the map of the Americas during the 1700s.

It’s the tale of how a slave owner becomes an abolitionist.

Upon first entering the British House of Commons as the Prime Minister, Churchill gave a speech rallying the country to war against Nazi Germany.