An infographic of key report findings is available .

More than 135 local government risk management executives across Australia shared their top risk concerns, claims and management practices in Aon's Risk Survey for Local Government earlier this year. The 2017 Risk Report presents the findings of the survey, and also examines the possible drivers of these risks, discuss' risk transfer strategies and includes an overview of the current insurance market.

How Migrants Boost the Australian Economy - Move …

The position is two notches up from Australia's current 13th spot, the London-based economic analysis group Centre for Economics and Business Research highlighted in its latest ranking of the worlds economies released on Tuesday.

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Migrants with skills that are in high demand heading to Australia are expected to help boost the economic growth that will increasingly depend less on natural resources, but toward technology and other facets of new global development, the report said.

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The direct contribution of the APM sciences is estimated to be 11% (or about $145 billion per year of the Australian economy). The contribution in additional and flow-on benefits equals another 11%, bringing the total benefits to 22% or around $292 billion per year.