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Diet: human diet
Role: champions
Libido: Average to High
Strong Vs: Dark, Ice, Rock, Normal, Steel
Weak Vs: Flying, Psychic
Attacks: Chi Blast, Comet Punch, Uppercut, Hyper Punch, Evade, Counter, Lightning Punch, Fire Punch, Ice Punch
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x15), Enhanced Speed (x6), Enhanced Agility (x7), Durability, Endurance
Evolves: None
Evolves From: (normal)
Herochans usually grow in height, though this can vary between one inch to a foot and a half. Their breasts do increase in size, but usually don't grow larger than a low D-cup, as it can throw off their sense of balance. Other than these changes, Herochans do not appear much different than their Amazonchan evolution. It is an odd habit that most Herochan prefer that their hair be cut short, and usually it is no longer than their shoulders in length. Most Herochan, when asked about this, say that it helps with keeping their hair from getting in their eyes. They become much more powerful than they were before and even gain an increase in speed and agility.
However, they are quite different mentally. Herochans are much more levelheaded than their previous evolution and have a much greater control over their power. They are also much more friendly in their competition with their counterparts, the Herolees. They enjoy stroking and caressing during foreplay and during sex. Whether this is because an increase of sensitivity in their hands or because of a fetish is unknown, but it is known that they show great intimacy with their hands. Seemingly small gestures for humans, like holding hands or intertwining their fingers with those of their partners during sex, have much greater meaning for a Herochan, and it is ill advised for the Herochan's partner to ignore these gestures or consider them meaningless. However, Herochan dislike it when this increased sensitivity interferes with their battles, and often wear some type of glove to allow them to better focus on the battle at hand (no pun intended).
One famous Herochan is Cologne of the Rainbow League Council and the Amazonchan Preserve. She is rumored to be the very first Amazonchan/Herochan, but whether these claims to age are true or not is still up for questioning. Regardless, she is the oldest living Herochan in the world, and as such, all other Amazonchan and Herochan call her "Great-Grandmother" or by similar terms. Since she advocates being nicer to Amazonlee and Herolee, Herochans attempt to restrain themselves and get over the prejudice that they had over styles while they were Amazonchans. In fact, most Herochan dislike other Herochan that still feel a need to be prejudiced against the Amazonlee-breed, and encourage them to give it up as quickly as possible.
Herochans still have the same distaste for alcohol, but they can handle milk byproducts (cheese, yogurt, etc.) a bit better. However, they still cannot handle straight milk any better than their previous form. One thing that should be noted is that Herochans are easily addicted to milk-based products (especially ice cream), and as a result there are several groups held in large cities and towns where Herochans and Amazonchans get together to try and divulge themselves of a dependency, called Milk Anonymous (M.A.).
This is often just a one-week program, as the Pokégirls will force themselves to stop training for that length of time in order to get the program over with ASAP, and often will force their tamers to remain in town long enough to complete their 'special training.' To say the least, traveling tamers dislike getting their Herochan or Amazonchan any sort of milk-based products, as it usually cuts into travel times.

The scaffold is an important setting in the novel The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne.

Reverend Arthur Dimmesdale from Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter is a character who changes and gains knowledge from the trials he faces, but first he has to go through physical, spiritual, and emotional agony.

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This is much the case with Hester Prynne in Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter.

Element: /
Diet: Vegetarian
Role: Caretaker of forests, ruler among elves. Lands an ElfQueen and a team of Elves cultivate have a 220% crop yield, however they make poor pets in urban areas and rapidly sicken in polluted regions.
Libido: Average to High (can become Extreme with Tamers they are emotionally attached to)
Strong Vs: Psychic, Plant, Ground, Rock, Water
Weak Vs: Fire, Dark, Fighting
Attacks: Power Bolt, Dazzle, Reflect, Heal, Command Plants, Summon (Elf-types save for Dark Elves, Bondage Elves, and Bondage Queens), Rose Whip, Wood Tower, Grass Floor, Lance
Enhancements: Longevity, Plant Affinity, Magic Affinity, Gardener, Enhanced Hearing (x4)
Disadvantages: Takes double damage from Fire attacks.
Evolves: None
Evolves From: (orgasm)
ElfQueens evolve from Elves who experience intense orgasms, most often from one they are Delta-bonded to. When this occurs the Elf gains two feet in height and usually one to two cup sizes (maxing out at around six feet and a D cup). Their skin becomes pale and their hair (if not already this color) typically becomes shades of red, brown, or blonde, though bright blue, silver, or even white are not unheard of. For some reason all ElfQueens can be found in flowing, low-cut gowns that match the colors of the local trees (silver if there are no local trees) and change colors with the seasons.
Feral ElfQueens claim forests, or large sections of forests, as their domains, sending out a mystical call that attracts Feral Elves to them. Typically the Queen forms a colony of twenty to a hundred Elves, with Avariel Elves, Dark Maidens, Drow Zees, High Elves, and occasionally the odd Golden Elf or Grandelf mixed in. Within her domain the ElfQueen claims absolute authority, but practically this is usually limited by the amount of other Pokégirls and humans in the area. Once a colony is established the Queen has her subjects start making natural-seeming modifications to the lands about them, to provide for better food, defense, and plant growth. Forests under an ElfQueen's care experience rapid growth but ElfQueens are cautious enough to know both when to stop planting and when to trim back the woods to maintain ecological balance. Somewhere within the woods the ElfQueen will establish her Court. Oftentimes the Court might be situated in a grove though some ElfQueens have been known to have large trees made into their palatial homes. It seems to be a matter of taste. When two Feral ElfQueens cross paths one of two things happens. Either the "defending" Queen plays gracious hostess to her fellow royalty or (if one or both are of the arrogant, snobbish persuasion) a fight breaks out. These battles are rarely to the death. Usually the loser is forced to concede her domain to the winner and become a servant of the victor.
Tamed and Feral ElfQueens share a few common traits. First is their love of nature, especially plant life. ElfQueens always carry some token of the plant world with them, be it their traditional flower-wreaths, flowers sewn into their clothes or woven into their hair, or even vine bracelets, chokers, or anklets. They both hold Dark Elves, Bondage Elves, and Bondage Queens in nothing but the lowest of contempt, openly ridiculing them as mockeries of Elvenkind. Tamed ElfQueens will not usually start attacks on Dark Elves, Bondage Elves, or Bondage Queens they run across, but they will loudly encourage their Tamers and Harem-sisters to avoid such Pokégirls or drive them away. Feral ElfQueens have an attack-on-sight policy. Putting an ElfQueen and a Dark Elf, Bondage Elf, or Bondage Queen in the same harem is a very bad idea. The ElfQueen will likely lash out, provoking battles until one or the other is dead or otherwise removed. Finally, both Tamed and Feral ElfQueens have a very odd deference to Grandelves. They become meek and quiet in the presence of Grandelves, and tend to rely on them for advice. Also, both kinds of ElfQueens get along well with High Elves.
In battle ElfQueens take on a field commander position. They direct their subjects (and for Tamed ones their sisters) into strategic positions. Because an ElfQueen gets to know her subjects (or Harem-sisters) early on they generally know the strengths and weaknesses of what and who they have to work with and lay out their plans accordingly. Weaker subjects or sisters are directed towards where there is the least risk while others are deployed as best as the situation will allow and the ElfQueen provides support from a distance with her attacks. While the ElfQueen doesn't like to fight herself, she will to protect her subjects or Harem-sisters. They often get quite protective of other Elf-types in a Harem, as well as smaller and physically or emotionally weaker Harem-sisters, and have been known to put themselves in danger to protect those Sisters. When they do directly battle it's from long-range, using their power to control plants to twist the environment to their benefit and lashing out with Rose Whip and Power Bolt, often after dazzling a foe.
ElfQueens generally have average to high libidos. Although they only need Taming twice in a month, they are happy to receive it whenever. When it comes to Taming an ElfQueen loses her air of detachment from the world and can become very blunt with her desires, but only in private. In public they are prim ladies when the subject is brought up. With Tamers they are emotionally bonded to (or Delta-bonded with) an ElfQueen's libido rapidly increases to Extreme and they become very demanding of their lover's time and attention. They don't like to share their partners and they don't like being kept waiting either.