Remember the display windows of thedepartment stores on Church St.

Phillips was also a great place to gofor a small bottle of chemicals guaranteed to make your house or schoolhall smell like rotten eggs - if you knew what to get.

If you wanted a great banana split, you couldgo to Elliston Place Soda Shop.

I remember one time when we went to one store and didn't havethe proper notch and the folks were falling all over themselves tryingto cut a new notch in the little plate.

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Remember when girlsFINALLY got to wear pantsuits to school (NOT jeans) in 1970!

Do you remember standing really still in JC Penney to feel the floorshaking?
Psychic Jean Dixon would later predict on talk radio that 100 Oakswould eventually collapse.

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"Harvey's, the funplace to shop." At Harvey's Department Store, the toys and carouselwere on the top floor, so that parents were pulled by their kids up tothe top of the store and then "shopped" their way down.

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Do youremember when there were patrol boys at remote corners a few blocksaway from the school? They had yellow flags on wooden polesand usually a patrol lady was there to supervise. Patrolgirls only got to work at the school on the porch.