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A Dutch sub had visually tracked the attack fleet to the Kurile Islands in early November and this info was passed to DC, but DC did not give it to HI.

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The United States, after turning away in disgust from the of Europe after World War I, suffered a rude awakening when it was abruptly reintroduced to such merciless calculation on a quiet Sunday morning in 1941.

Rocks Off Cruise Aboard the Harbor Lights

When Israel attacked the Arab states in June 1967, or when the United States itself invaded Panama in 1989, it was without the niceties of a declaration of war, or of any other kind of warning.


Starting in early November 1941 when the attack fleet assembled and started receiving radio messages, OP-20-G stayed open 24 hours a day and the "First Team" of codebreakers worked on JN-25.

Both damaged battleships were soon raised and repaired.

In November and early December 1941, OP-20-G spent 85 percent of its effort reading Japanese Navy traffic, 12 percent on Japanese diplomatic traffic and 3 percent on German naval codes.

Two British planes had been shot down.

Commander ShimazakiWhile the situation Japan had gotten into, occupying a large part of China, was foolish, irrational, and vicious in the exteme, the choices that faced the Japanese Government in 1941 left few alternatives.

The crew of one died, of the other, captured.

The US Government refuses to identify or declassify any pre-Dec 7, 1941 decrypts of JN-25 on the basis of national security, a half-century after the war.

At 4:45 AM, the Caio Duilio was beached, sinking.

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The modern Littorio was itself beached, sinking, at 6:25.

It's hard not to conclude with historians like Charles Bateson that "Magic standing alone points so irresistibly to the Pearl Harbor attack that it is inconceivable anybody could have failed to forecast the Japanese move." The NSA reached the same conclusion in 1955.