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When a Japanese peasant awakens from an evil nightmare, he cries:"Devour, O Baku! devour my evil dream." At one time pictures of the Bakuwere hung up in Japanese houses and its name written upon pillows. It wasbelieved that if the Baku could be induced to eat a horrible dream, thecreature had the power to change it into good fortune

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It is also believed that the alp crushes animals to death. For example,if young geese, are placed in a pig pen and then die it is said that thealp crushed them to death. If rabbits die, and it appears that they havebeen crushed, a broom is placed in their pen, which protects them againstthe alp.

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Even though windows and doors may be tightly closed and locked to keepout the alps, they can still get in through the smallest holes, which theyseek out with special pleasure. In the still of the night one can hear thesound that they make in the wall while getting in. If one gets up quicklyand plugs up the hole, then they must stay in the room and cannot escape,even after the doors have been opened. Then, before setting them free, onemust make them promise to never disturb the place again. On such occasionsthey have complained pitifully that they have little children at home whowill perish if they do not leave.