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It wasn’t her…But by now, that DNA sample had made its way into an FBI database.And there she was.

Fulgitini: We were right, putting her face back on her is what gave us her story.
Eight months after she emerged from that pile of rocks in the Arizona desert, the woman had a name.A name you know by now. Did the ex-youth pastor, the loving, polygamist husband and father also know the horrifying story her bones were about to tell?In the summer of 2006, two years after Joy Risker’s bones were identified, three years after her killing, Sean Goff went on trial in San Diego.For murder.It was Deputy D.A.

On April 1, 2012, a shocking crime hit the South Korean city of Suwon

former marketing director of the Arkansas Development and Finance Authority (ADFA), and former associate of Bill Clinton, talking about: Russell Welch, poisoned with anthrax as he investigated Mena; ADFA giving money to Clinton's pals instead of the intended recipients; Barry Seal smuggling drugs into Mena in CIA planes; Dan Lasater laundering the proceeds through ADFA; money given to Don Tyson; money laundering through BCCI and Dan Rostenkowski; Clinton firing the federal prosecutor on Rostenkowski's case; Gary Parks, son of the murdered Jerry, fearing the same fate; arranging an interview for Ambrose Evans-Pritchard with an informant who was killed before they could meet; journalists being attacked or run out of Arkansas for investigating Mena and ADFA; Jerry Parks's dossier; the paramedic who put Vince Foster's body on a stretcher and didn't have to wash his hands because there was no blood

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Michael is leading a group of medical students on a months-long holiday. Presently, they're in Turkey, in search of a deserted settlement. Kevin, a hitchhiker directs them to the place, and everyone enjoys a fun afternoon exploring the ruin. That night, the group plays Murder in the Dark, a murder mystery game, and the following morning one their number is found dead. Michael's plan to drive the hell away from there thwarted when the van won't start. Forced to spend more time at the crime scene leads to more death, and as the bodies pile up, trust among the survivors decreases.