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t is a time of tribulation and warfare in England, when one must live by the sword or die by it. Prince Malagant, Arthur’s First Knight, has betrayed him and left to follow his own destiny of power and greed. His lands border the estate of Leanesse, governed by the beautiful and compassionate Lady Guinevere… but his true quarry is Camelot. Burning, pillaging, murdering at will, Malagant inflicts terror upon the peasantry who turn to their lady for help. Torn between her freedom and a love for her people, she decides that the best manner in which to protect her tenants is an alliance between Leanesse and Camelot, whose legendary King Arthur would die to protect the innocent.

‘First Knight’ - The Washington Post

Gorgeous scenery, compelling dialogue, magnificent costumes and the sheer magnitude of the Camelot that lives on in myth draws together a film that, despite its very few flaws, will touch your heart. The most moral and compelling Camelot story of all time, “First Knight” is a film that teaches good ideals and the value of honor without the usual Hollywood morals. An afternoon well-spent for lovers of the Arthurian legend.

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