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More seriously, the movie fails to sell the viewers the emotional arc of Yoon-soo's character, that his guilt over the death of his old high school chum (for which he was indeed partly responsible, explained in a nice flashback featuring Ki Ju-bong as the dead boy's father) would push him over the edge at the critical moment of the film.

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Writer-director Kook, for some parts of the movie at least, allows Son Ye-jin to endow her character with the expressions of steely resolve commensurate with such characterization, to which the veteran Kim Kap-soo responds with absolutely sincere-looking denials, heightening the moral ambiguity of the situations.

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Writer-director Kim Byung-woo wisely confines the setting to one recording studio, later turned into a makeshift war room for the broadcasting company, and keeps Ha Jung-woo front and center for most of the movie's screen time.