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With this separation of sexes we see the social and cultural strain on athletes participating in opposite gender sports, because society frowns on women participating in male dominated sports....

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Women make the ultimate sacrifice when it comes to male dominated societies; they are often treated like object and with disrespect allowing them to be stronger and fiercer.

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The fact that increasing numbers of women are involved in the culture of war is in contradiction to a frequently-stated claim that the culture of war is due primarily to "patriarchy," i.e.

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The limiting choices that women are given when it comes to marriage, and the consequences that some have to face when they disagree is one of the main reasons why women in a male dominated society are compelled to live a harsher lifestyle in comparison to other societies.

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In many male-dominated societies, women are meant to sacrifice their happiness; whether it is for their family or in general, females are belittled from the moment they are born, and women are treated like property and can be given to anyone for the right price.

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Many societies believe that with a female child they are bringing in years of hard work, and expenses, but with males you are provided with good fortune, and support, “‘I worry,’ Auntie goes on, her fingers flying over the yellow silk.

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It is only recently, with legal reforms and access to elite education that women have begun to break through the "glass ceiling" of male domination in the economy.

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In some male-dominated societies, the birth of a boy is greeted with joy and parties, while the birth of a girl is greeted with silence and even grief.