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As you may be aware, Governor Brown’s January 2012-13 Budget does not provide any funding for public libraries. We are asking Friends groups, literacy advocates and community members to write letters in support of restoration of $15.2 million in this year’s Budget. $15.2 million will not only protect the integrity of the three programs in jeopardy – the California Library Services Act, the state literacy program, and the Public Library Foundation -- but it will also allow the State Library to draw down millions of dollars in federal funding to support programs such as the Braille and Talking Books program. If the funding is cut, California will drop below the needed threshold and the Federal Funding will disappear.

Senator and a two time Oklahoma Governor. He was a Governor, Senator, then Governor.

Governor Murphy welcomes the opportunity to consider your thoughts, concerns, ideas, and questions. If you would like to send a message to Governor Murphy, please take a minute to complete the following form, which will provide the Governor and his staff with information necessary to process your message.

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On January 25th, Governor Baker and Lieutenant Governor Polito filed their budget proposal for the Fiscal Year 2018 (FY2018).

We are also asking you to write the Governor and Senate President pro Tempore, Senator Darrell Steinberg, to work to restore the Library funding. In these hard times, it seems short-sighted to reduce funding to the point that the Federal matching funds would be given to another State. Please help us keep the matching funds for California.

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Now if the vulgar sort, who square all mens actions by the base rule of their owne filthinesse, shall taxe or taunt me in this my godly labour: let them know, it is not any hungry appetite, to gorge my selfe with incontinency; sure (if I would, and were so sensually inclined) I might satisfie such desire, though not without a seared conscience, yet with Christians more pleasing to the eie, and lesse fearefull in the offence unlawfully committed. Nor am I in so desperate an estate, that I regard not what becommeth of mee; nor am I out of hope but one day to see my Country, nor so void of friends, nor mean in birth, but there to obtain a mach to my great content: nor have I ignorantly passed over my hopes there, or regardlesly seek to loose the love of my- friends, by taking this course: I know them all, and have not rashly overslipped any.

Letter from EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy to Governor Rick Snyder

Frederick Murray

Governor John Lynch
Office of the Governor
State House
25 Capitol Street
Concord NH 03301

Governor Lynch:

Today, February 9, 2005 marks the one year point of my daughter, Maura Murray’s
unlikely and highly suspicious disappearance following a minor car accident on
Route 112
in North Haverhill, New Hampshire.

The investigative body, New Hampshire State Police Troop F of Grafton County,
followed up its astonishingly careless go-through-the-motions response with an
unnaturally steadfast refusal to communicate on the matter since.

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Let therefore this my well advised protestation, which here I make betweene God and my own conscience, be a sufficient witnesse, at the dreadfull day of judgement (when the secret of all mens harts shall be opened) to condemne me herein, if my chiefest intent and purpose be not, to strive with all my power of body and minde, in the undertaking of so mightie a matter, no way led (so farre forth as mans weakenesse may permit) with the unbridled desire of carnall affection: but for the good of this plantation, for the honour of our countrie, for the glory of God, for my owne salvation, and for the converting to the true knowledge of God and Jesus Christ, an unbeleeving creature, namely Pokahuntas. To whom my hartie and best thoughts are, and have a long time bin so intagled, and inthralled in so intricate a laborinth, that I was even awearied to unwinde my selfe thereout. But almighty God, who never faileth his, that truly invocate his holy name hath opened the gate, and led me by the hand that I might plainely see and discerne the safe paths wherein to treade.