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Quite possible actually. A book has already been written that suggests Canada could be a superpower by 2050: this is Lawrence C Smith’s “The World in 2050: Four Forces shaping Civilisation’s Northern Future”. Climate change is predicted to open up the Northwest Passage as a major shipping route and with it several Canadian ports such as Churchill in western Hudson Bay. Possibly lands currently under ice or considered remote from major population centres will become suited for agriculture, mining or other development as a result of rising mean or median temperatures. Most predictions about Canada becoming a superpower revolve around its capacity to supply energy to other countries; currently Canada is the 5th largest energy producer in the world.

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Some other beautiful private golf clubs that you might not know about here in the east: Bellport Country Club, Bridgehampton Club, Gardiner's Bay on Shelter Island, Hampton Hills Golf and Country Club in Westhampton, North Fork Country Club in Cutchogue, Noyac Golf & Country Club just west of Sag Harbor, Quogue Field Club, and the Southampton Golf Club.

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Feb 18, 2018 · A Land Remembered is a rich yet simply told novel.

If this is true, then in the story "Memento Mori" and the movie Memento, it is ironic how the main character, Leonard, who is suffering from severe memory loss, is constantly trying to figure out the past, even though he knows he will not remember it once he learns what has happened.