Creativity in making good decisions requires having a clear mind.

I have recently taken a managerial position in the hospital where I work. I have worked for the organization for 18 years, but never as a manager. I found this article helpful to me personally, because one of the things I have struggled with is how to be a good leader. The new position is very challenging so I am always trying to find books and programs that that will increase my skills. I found this article helpful and will try to actively apply these skills to my practice. I agree that in order to be a successful leader you must exhibit the five traits. I

“You need to be more strategic.” Many aspiring leaders have heard this type of feedback

Moreover various stages of the OR/MS/DS/SS modeling process, from the initial stage of understanding the problem, to the final stage of implementing a good strategy, require a different and appropriate method and technique for a particular decision problem.

What can be learned from this example?

It is possible to learn the process of making good strategic decisions by practiced deciding.

I recently retired from a career in law enforcement and had the dishonor to work for an anministrative team who would be hard pressed to manage a lemonade stand. These individuals focused on “self” rather than the needs of the department. Due to poor management skills, there was no synergy, low morale, and a department divided against itself. This particular department was/is plagued with nepitism, favoritism, cronyism, and yes, racism. Unfortunately these individuals cast each other in their administrative positions, and wouldn’t have the brain power to read, muchless master your leadership traits. Your leadership traits are inspiring and I hope to use them in my future endeavors.

Good Leadership: Has your team got what it takes?

The story was about what a leader does and what characteristics/traits the person had. A non-leader is usually not focused and not paying attention to what they need to do in the future. But a leader does. A leader is honest, forward-looking, competent, inspiring, and intelligent. So that means that people can trust that person enough to be a leader. And also they have to think about whats going on and things they need to fix.

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I support these leadership traits and practice this in my daily work and when with friends and associates; I wish our local government officials and mayors would do the same; so there can be transparency and action that really improves the quality of life for all. Spread these words. Ask candidates running for office to explain their leadership traits they will follow; most cannot. They don’t have core beliefs. They just read others without practice. So much fake leadership out there. It makes me sick, many of us as students were taught code of standards and then we go out to the real world, get jobs and meet these so called leaders who have no code of ethics; nor real leadership traits to inspire us. That is so sad, it just proves how people breed corruption. Greed over being genuine…too much personal wealth building leads to sick power and no community wealth building at all. Where is the leadership on this?

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Thank you for your 5 leadership traits. I am a retired teacher and have been tutoring since retirement. I am always searching for information that I can pass on to others , but I also need to read more and more about leadership in improving my own true leadership. I am always trying to pass on new information to my adult kids and my grandchildren as well as my students . I surely want to shine when I’m around my colleagues. Teaching is the greatest profession around…it seems that a true teacher can always be inspired by others. I am an elementary teacher and believe that young children need to be inspired at an early age.

What role does a senior leadership team play in this process

I am afraid I can’t agree. What about the ability to communicate? You can’t lead if you can’t communicate. A leader also has to be able to adapt to many situAtions. These are fine traits but in a complex world these are not the traits that help a leader make the best decisions. Salas offers five. I offer nine one of which is the ability to share leadership depending on the issue.