Effects of child abuse and neglect for adult survivors

The purpose of this phase is to provide an opportunity toclarify and extend previous answers (Raskin & Yuille, 1989). The third wallof anxiety rises up when the practitioner requests more specific informationfrom the child about the alleged incident of abuse. Generally children willdiscuss these issues, but there are some children who refuse to discuss theabuse, fail to provide details of the abuse, but make statements that they havebeen abused. Rephrasing questions may provide the child an opportunity todescribe details of the alleged incident (Walsh, 1987). If rephrasing thequestions is unsuccessful, refocusing the child into a different area,independent of the child abuse incident, may allow the child to relax and forgetthe anxiety developed during the initial question. Once a time of relaxation hasbeen provided, you can then rephrase the question about the alleged incident ofchild abuse (Yuille, 1989).

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The mission of Baltimore Child Abuse Center is to provide victims of child sexual abuse, trauma, and other Adverse Childhood Experiences in Baltimore and their non-offending caretakers with comprehensive forensic interviews, medical treatment, and mental health treatment with a goal of preventing future trauma.

What is child abuse and neglect

Specific guidelines for can be found in the Starship Clinical Guidelines.

Very few signs and symptoms are specific for abuse. Conversely,children may experience CAN but show no obvious signs or symptomsat all. If you are concerned about CAN, CONSULT.