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1. I am involved in several mentoring programs/platforms 2. I obvious have acquired “special knowledge that will help me be a knowledgeable, more informed citizen or more desirable hire after graduation” seeing that I work at one of the top/elite financial firm in the world so be quiet with that nonsense. What you fail to realize is the large scope of the issue being discussed. Dartmouth is a microcosm when speaking of race related issues, but as a former student it is important to examine the state of (or previous state of) your environment. I have every right to critique the relevance of the issue as it relates to Dartmouth. What you fail to realize is that in our actions we are fighting for that 99% that have it far worse than we do. Seeing that myself and others I know at Dartmouth have come from very adverse situations, it is important that we use our platform and access as ivy league educated to advocate for those less fortunate and those with a smaller platform. How is critiquing your former institution “not showing gratitude”. I love Dartmouth, but if you learn anything in college, it’s to examine and challenge all aspects of learning, society, and ideas. If such were not the case, why would one even attend such a school?

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A good film critique provides the reader with a basic idea of what the film is about. It provides the writer’s critical assessment of the success/failure or effectiveness/ineffectiveness of the film supported by the evidence the writer gathers from the film. It is more than a film review. It is deeper. For the writer, the critique is an opportunity to exhibit a critical awareness of the elements of the film as well as to share the delight and pleasure (or frustration and disappointment) the film offers the viewer.

The questions below are meant to stimulate thought about a film and to provide areas of concern you may wish to address in your critique. Early in the critique it is desirable to sketch enough of the plot to give the reader an idea of what happens in the film. Do not try to recount everything the key word here is sketch.

If you provide only a plot summary, you are not writing a critique you’re writing the equivalent of a book report. Once you introduce the main characters and devote a few lines to the plot, thus giving the reader a good overview, get down to the job of convincing the reader that you have something interesting to say about the film the plot is trivial, the hero is not really a hero, the plot and characters are fine but the camera work is needlessly tricky, or whatever else you decide your thesis to be.

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The objectives of the research should be very clear in the mind of the writer while writing the . This is because the literature review is mostly about the secondary data which has originally been collected in a different context. So the information may be correct but it may not fit the context of the research. The critical review identifies the significance of what is written under literature and evaluates it in detail. While writing the critical review, one should try to collect evidences in support or against of every significant information. This can be done by referring to the works of 4-5 authors or experts of the same area. For writing a good critical review it is important to collect relative information from different sources. This helps in gaining arguments for and against the literature.

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Critical review provides a reason for everything. The statements and views are not simply stated as in literature but are also analyzed to judge why or why not these statements are significant for the objectives of the research. Critical review is judgmental writing and involves personal views supported by evidences. The reliability of evidences is very important hence the sources should be renowned and trusted. Writing critical review is bit difficult as compared to writing the literature. Critical review demands logical thinking and analytical capability on part of the writer and a good investment of time and sincere efforts.

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